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what's the dirt on livingston?(2 posts)

what's the dirt on livingston?jba
Jul 4, 2001 3:24 PM
I thought nothing of Livingston's move to Telekom, figuring that he had gotten a better offer from them. But then i found that he had actually left Postal for the McCartney team and only went to Telekom after losing out on the McCartney deal. Then i read certain remarks from him hinting at being unhappy at Postal and something about Jan is such a great guy to work for (hinting that maybe his days with lance were too much to bear).

I also read that he hasn't spoken to Lance since leaving the team even though they've been at the same races!

I thought Livingston was just making a move to better his career, but he seems to hint at conflict with his postal team.

Anybody know what's really up? I felt bad for him because many were calling him a traitor, but after reading some of the things he's said, I'm not so sure.
Probably Italianmr_spin
Jul 5, 2001 9:45 AM
I think he crashed in the Giro a couple of times. I'm sure he picked up some dirt there.