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Need Advice(2 posts)

Need Advicejw
Jul 4, 2001 2:55 PM
I've been out of road bikes for a long time and am considering purchasing a used bike from a friend but need some help in determining its value. It's a Specialized Allez Sport, steel frame of unknown age (6 or so years probably). It has RSX integrated shift/brake levers, 7 spd. Can anyone tell me a ballpark on what it's worth? THANKS VERY MUCH!

re: Need AdviceGregJ
Jul 5, 2001 12:52 AM
Well I am not the blue book of used bikes but since no one else has posted I will give it a shot. 7-speed stuff is quite outdated and RSX was one of Shimano's lower end groups. Nonetheless this is not such a bad bike and would probably make quite a nice ride for someone who does not want to drop a lot of dough, actually this would be a great first or re-entry bike. If it is really clean and has not seen a lot of hard use and the tires are good and everything works, I would say 250. If it has some use and paint dings maybe 175. Make sure you can get a good position on it.