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c/f frames = Laquer frames?(3 posts)

c/f frames = Laquer frames?Made in Taiwan
Jul 4, 2001 12:47 AM
Been reading up on c/f frame construction lately, and noticed that carbon fiber sheets are glue together by glue (laquer?)

so, if c/f frames use a combo of c/f sheets and laquer, aren't they really laquer frames?
re: c/f frames = Laquer frames?Akirasho
Jul 4, 2001 7:16 AM

Carbon fiber is a generic term that depending on your application could use glues, resins, thermoplastics, etc as a substrate... in my understanding, the CF gives strength, the resins give the rigidity...

I'm sure Damon's site (now hosted by Sheldon Brown) and it's associated links will clear up most questions.

Be the bike.
EpoxyKerry Irons
Jul 4, 2001 5:44 PM
CF frames are actually carbon fibers in an epoxy (thermoset) plastic matrix. The CF, either as woven cloth, bundles, individual fibers, etc. is impregnated with epoxy, the "wet" fibers are then laid up to the shape desired, molded via various techniques and then the epoxy is cured by a cross-linking agent. Once set, it cannot be melted. You can think of epoxy as synthetic laquer if you like, but it is a very much higher performance material. The most accurate description of a CF part is "cabon fiber reinforced epoxy" but it is a lot easier to just say CF. And yes, this is roughly the same epoxy you get in a hardware or building supply store when you buy "epoxy cement" or some such.