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derailer problem(2 posts)

derailer problemRandyMH
Jul 3, 2001 7:03 PM
First of all I just want to say thanks to the people who steered me away from buying the Tune-up package along with my bike. Today I went into the store to buy some of the necessities (tubes, co2 etc) and brought my bike along because last night I noticed that when in low gears I get that rattling sound coming from my front derailer. I'm new to this so I have no idea what is going on. I walk in the shop and the guys who were there when I bought my bike are not there. So I take my bike to the repair area and said "hey can you look at this, I'm getting a rattling sound from my derailer". He proceeds to start to fill out a form, and tell me that he can't get to it today, maybe tomorrow. I said I don't want to leave it, can you just look at it, I picked it up 2 days ago. No budge. He would not look at my bike!! I'm trying not to hold this against them the other guys who were not there will let me walk into the back and seem very helpful. Anyway I'm glad I didn't buy the package because I would have been very upset, which I was anyway but it made me realize how important it is to know how to work on your own bike.

Next question. My chain is not going up to the largest ring, and I'm getting that rattling sound. What can I do? I'm going to buy ZIN in a few days but need a quick fix.
Can you help
Cable adjustmentKerry Irons
Jul 3, 2001 7:32 PM
It sounds like your front derailleur cable has "settled in" and now needs to be adjusted. "Settling in" consists mostly of straightening out the kinks, so this is the equivalent as the cable getting longer. You should have a barrel adjuster where the down tube cable stop is attached to the frame (on the down tube just a few inches from the head tube). Turn the barrel counterclockwise. You should be able to see the front derailleur moving toward the big ring as you do this. Give it one half turn and try shifting. Once you get the idea, you can fine tune the adjustment for good shifting and no chain rub. Another possibility is that the cable has slipped a bit in the cable clamp. If your barrel adjuster doesn't do the job, then shift to the small ring, loosen the cable clamp bolt, pull the slack out of the cable, and retighten the clamp bolt. Then fine tune shifting with the barrel adjuster, as needed. Double check that the upper and lower adjustment screws are not limiting your derailleur movement - you can push the derailleur by hand to be sure that it will shift properly to the big ring.