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46 mph+ Lemond Zurich wobble: follow-up(1 post)

46 mph+ Lemond Zurich wobble: follow-uplsalins
Jul 3, 2001 5:28 PM
Last fall I posted a message about a violent wobble on a Lemond Zurich when exceeding 46 mph. I was particularly unhappy when my LBS said that after various minor adjustments they didn't know what else to do and told me to contact Lemond myself. Lemond told me to go to one of their dealers. (I didn't realize that I hadn't bought from a Lemond dealer.) The dealer put the bike's fork on a "fork jig" and told me that one blade was 3/8th of an inch out of whack. (When I brought the bike to my LBS, they refused to consider this possibilty and said that the dealer "must be smoking something".) The dealer then worked with Lemond and got me a replacement fork under warranty. (Since I hadn't crashed the bike, I assume the fork problem was a manufacturing defect.) In about three weeks Lemond sent the new fork. On Long Island I don't have steep enough hills to test the wobble. I finally got to the Catskills this weekend where I hit 49.4 with nary a wobble. What a relief! Looking forward to the rush of breaking the 50mph barrier.
It goes without saying that the LBS has lost a customer.
Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in my problem in the fall! You were very generous.
Happy screaming downhills!