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Help, I'm a freak (aka bike sizing)(4 posts)

Help, I'm a freak (aka bike sizing)dpbradley
Jul 3, 2001 3:55 PM
Hey Folks,

I just did some measurements, as I am in search of a new bike. Now I did them myself, so they might not be hyper-accurate, but they're in the ballpark.

My current bike is a ~47 tt (cc) and ~47 st (ct), but I've got a few hundred mm of seatpost showing, and here's why:

My measurements:
reach: ~67 cm
inseem: ~85 cm
torso: ~46 cm

this calculates to a ~60.5 (TT + stem) (or a 50.5 with a 10cm stem). This length s about right as my current bike is fine in that department. But the inseem measures out to an ideal 57 cm (!!) ST length. That explanes the 10+ cm of my seatpost that are showing.

I'm bouncing back and forth between a cross bike and a road bike, but when I look at the Surly sizing chart for example, a 56 ST has a 57 TT, which is way too long no?

What am I to do? Are we talking custom frame here, or are there brands I should be looking at? Should I go with a long seatpost as per my current bike, or switch out to a bigger frame with a short stem?

Any advice on buying for cyclocross, cyclocross vs road, New Old Stock items (1998+), frame sizing etc would be most helpful!

Damian Bradley
Custom: Call Anvilcoonass
Jul 4, 2001 8:30 AM
you're no freak.....that's why most of us ride Customs.
budget concerns, short stem?dpbradley
Jul 4, 2001 9:21 AM
Hi there,

My only concern here is for my limited budget. I was hoping to spend about $800 usd, so custom bikes / frames are almost out of my range. There is one relatively local shop that can custom build a frame from Ti or Al at a decent price, I will be checking them out.

Otherwise, am I going to regret getting a frame that fits on the ST side, and using a really short stem (like 50-60mm) to compensate for the TT?

Damian Bradley
Go to a shop with a Serotta Size Cycle...Jim Burton
Jul 4, 2001 8:53 AM
They can tell you exactly what frame size you need in about an hour. Look up the information on

There you can do a search for dealers in your area that have certified fit technicians. Even if you don't want a Serotta, they will give you a sheet with all of your frame dimensions on it. You can use that information to get whatever frame you want. But, I highly recommend Serotta! Most of thier frames come with custom sizing included in the cost.