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Cannondales @ Costco!!(22 posts)

Cannondales @ Costco!!alansutton
Jul 3, 2001 12:20 PM
I saw an R4000Si for 1999.99 at Portland Costco. All black.
Has anyone bought a bike from Costco? seems too good to be true.
Next to the 64 pack of jalepeno poppersJohnnyA
Jul 3, 2001 12:30 PM
That's the second time I've heard that rumor today! Someone in San Fran reported a C-dale with Dura-Ace for $3,700. If it is on the web it must be true....

What's up with this? Have the C-dale folks been breathing too much motorcycle exhaust? I'm sure their dealers must be thrilled.
Wow, I don't have a Costco nearby, can someone send me(ACE)
Jul 4, 2001 12:54 AM
some of those Jalapeno Poppers?
Does this make it just another department store bike? (nm)Brian C.
Jul 3, 2001 12:49 PM
re: Cannondales @ Costco!!Larry Meade
Jul 3, 2001 12:50 PM
These bikes are acquired by Costco through alternate channels. They are usually bound for some other market and somehow Costco buys the shipment. Cannondale is NOT selling them to Costco. Be aware that if you buy one of these you will NOT be covered under Cannondale's warranty. You will want to keep your receipt so you can return it to Costco if the frame breaks. Cdale or any of their dealers will not be interested in helping you if you have warranty issues. As far as they are concerned these bikes no longer exist.
black market Cdalesseamus
Jul 3, 2001 2:02 PM
Previous post by Larry Meade is correct...the same thing happened 6 years ago when I was working at a bike shop. In that case, a cannondale bike shipment destined for eastern europe was acquired by Costco and rerouted to the US and sold for HALF what normal retail would be. What's worst, the bikes were assembled improperly (dangerously in some cases) and when customers returned the bikes to Costco, they were given refunds or store credits and the bikes were LITERALLY destroyed in a compactor. NO lie. Cannondale will not cover the bikes, and I think you'll find that local cannondale dealers will also refuse to service the bikes.

Costco does this to prove to the consumer world that Costco is capable of stocking big-name products, and they don't care about making money on the whole project. Resist the temptation and DON'T BUY THESE BIKES!
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 3, 2001 4:18 PM
the warranty to be honored? They are not stolen goods and I believe that most states require a warranty to be valid as long as the item is purchased new. In some cases a company may extend the warranty to a second owner, but a first time owner should have the law behind them. Does any legal out there know what the law requires in this instance?
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>Larry Meade
Jul 3, 2001 5:06 PM
Most bicycle warranties specifically state that the bike must be assembled by an authorized dealer. If it is not assembled by a dealer the warrantty is void.
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>sidley
Jul 3, 2001 10:44 PM
Implied warranties of merchantability will extend to Costco for certain purposes. For instance if there is a product defect resulting in personal injury, then Costco would be on the hook no matter what C'dale's warranty says. That is different than crappy assemblage.

Without researching this question my guess would be that an unsatisfied purchaser probably could not seek recourse pursuant to the C'dale warranty for faults stemming from Costco's faulty assembly. However, that same unsatisfied purchaser could seek recourse (as stated above) from Costco in the form of store credit or refund.
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>Skip
Jul 3, 2001 11:02 PM
Does that mean that all home "built up" bikes (by owner's who buy the frames, and components, and assemble the bike themselves), are not covered by a warranty from the frame manufacturer?
My point exactly>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 4, 2001 7:56 AM
Cannondale makes the frame and then assembles them into bikes to be shipped to LBS. They usually ship them only needing minor assembly - handlebars, pedals, etc. If the frame falters, why shouldn't they have to honor the warranty of their product - the frame?
My point exactly>>>>>>>>>>>>>Larry Meade
Jul 4, 2001 10:04 AM
On another forum a person had a cdale that he had purchased from Costco. The frame cracked and cdale did not even want to talk to him. He took it back to costco and they gave him his money back. Like I said, as far as Cannondale is concerned, these bikes don't even exist. They will not warranty them. Right or wrong, those are the facts.
Doesn't make any senseDog
Jul 4, 2001 11:20 AM
If Cannondale made the bikes, why would they not warranty them? Just because they are sold below suggested retail or whatever, they still made the bikes? Right? Why would they act as if they "don't exist?" Were they intended only for markets that do not have things such as warranties? This just doesn't add up. Sounds more like bike shop people just being resentful, rather than accurate information. Sounds anti-competitive, too.

Also, how do they know the source of retail origin? And, why should that matter? Are these bikes tracked by serial number or something?

This is assuming that Cannondale really made the bikes, rather than them being counterfeits. That would be entirely different.

Not calling anyone a liar, but this whole thing just doesn't make any sense.

Grey market vs. those covered by warranty.Ian
Jul 4, 2001 5:20 PM
First off, let me point out that I am not a lawyer. That said, it is not uncommon practice for items destined for a certain country, to be covered by warranty only in that country. And then only if they are sold by an authorized dealer.

For example, the photography industry. I can buy a Nikon camera covered by USA warranty at the local store or through mail-order for $1,000. I can buy that same camera as a grey-market item through mail-order for $750. But that camera is not covered by a USA warranty. It is covered by a international warranty. So, if I have problems with it, I can't send it back to New York (Nikon's USA headquarters) for repair, I have to send it to Japan.

The same is true for items that are bought via I know that people love the prices found on that website, but none of them come with a USA warranty, just international. So if you have problems with Ksyriums you bought there, you can't go through Mavic in Pensylvannia, you have to go through Mavic in France. Or Sidi shoes, you can't get help from Veltec (Sidi's US distributor), you will have to call Italy. And so on and so on.

Now there is a difference buying a grey-market item from an authorized dealer and a non-authorized dealer. If an authorized dealer were to sell them, you would be covered by international warranty, but the dealer would have to put up with the manufacturers wrath and probably lose their dealership. But a non-authorized delaer is really no different than a private seller. Lets say I worked at a shipyard. And a container of bikes bound for overseas came through. For whatever reason it was not going to make it and was put up for sale. I purchased them and then sold them out of my garage. That would be pretty close to what Costco is doing.

Doesn't make any senseLarry Meade
Jul 4, 2001 6:07 PM
Just pop over to Cyclingforum and mention it. You will get the whole story from Wayne. Basically I think that since the bikes were not purchased from an AUTHORIZED dealer the warranty is void. Virtually all warranties from bike companies have this clause. Just like a warranty doesn't extend beyond the first owner. Why is this? They made the frame to last a "lifetime", why doesn't it apply to the second owner? Answer: because that is the way it is. This is the second time this topic has come up in various forums recently and I have never heard of Cdale or any dealer willing to deal with these bikes.
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>fuzzybunnies
Jul 4, 2001 10:07 AM
Pretty much, the company isn't willing to take resposibility for the screw ups of an owner. Typical problems that tend to appear in frames are ovalized headtube or damaged bb area both of which can be ruined by improper installations. If the owner builds it and something in those spots goes wrong they can claim poor assembly as the reason. Things such as a cracked frame at a weld would probably be covered but companies don't like to deal with customers so you'd probably have to take it to an LBS that might not want to deal with it if they didn't sell it. TTFN
Doesn't the law require >>>>>>>>>>>>>Skip
Jul 4, 2001 1:53 PM
Were these bikes made from defective, reject frames that C'dale had designated "For Destruction", that some how found there way into the black market?
Do you have to buy a 6-pack ? Or will they sell you just one?MeDotOrg
Jul 3, 2001 6:27 PM
...does it come with a Timberland derailleur? ;-)
Will costco fit me to my C-Dalecarbonguy
Jul 3, 2001 7:36 PM
so now when someone wants one of these bikes they will go to the LBS take that guys time to get the right size and then buy the thing at costco. No wonder LBS's get pissed. I understand a little bit of mail order here and there but we have to support our LBS (as long as they help you out).
Just emagine how many people are going to buy the wrong size bike from costco.
$1999 or $2999?K1dude
Jul 3, 2001 7:56 PM
According to Costco's computer, the R4000Si is $2,999. Was it $1,999 on the floor? Or did you leave your glasses in the car and THINK it said $1999?
Bought a GT Karakoram six years ago from Costco.Scy
Jul 4, 2001 8:45 AM
Paid only $400. The bike was very poorly assembled and GT told me their warrantly was not valid b/c Costco is not an authorized dealer. Found out that GT originally sent those bikes on a boat to eastern Europe. Somehow, the shipment got "diverted" and ended up at Costco.

Anyway, it was good for me b/c I got a good bike at a great price (still ride it). I also learned how to wrench my own bikes from the Shimano manuals it came with.

I love the free market.
Costco vs. WalMartMabero
Jul 4, 2001 10:14 AM
Is CostCo any better than WalMart? I would prefer giving the business to a LBS that treats me well...but it does get tempting when you see such a huge price difference.