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any users of seatpost-mounted 2-bottle racks?(5 posts)

any users of seatpost-mounted 2-bottle racks?Haiku d'état
Jul 3, 2001 11:50 AM
thinking this could increase my distance between stops (4 bottles versus 2). i'm not worried about the weight of additional bottles/liquid/the mount.

do these things (e.g. profile "aqua rack") accommodate or interfere with under-the-seat packs? any other observations?

re: any users of seatpost-mounted 2-bottle racks?PaulCL
Jul 3, 2001 2:39 PM
I don't use one, but my riding buddy does. He doesn't want to use a camelback (he thinks they're uncool). He loves his. He does not have an "underseat" pack. I doubt there is room for both.
re: any users of seatpost-mounted 2-bottle racks?rtolle
Jul 3, 2001 3:05 PM
I had one one my bike with a pack also. There is definatly room for both depending on your seat height. I never found myself going through enough water to justify 4 bottles. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess it just depends on how much h2o you drink. But there was no problem with the pack and the rack.
re: any users of seatpost-mounted 2-bottle racks?Lardog
Jul 3, 2001 3:14 PM
Yep, no problem to hang a pack off the holders either. Mine actually attached to the seat rails, most are like that. I believe profile design makes an acutal post mounted unit.
thanks! what i wanted to hear. will try the profile model. NMHaiku d'état
Jul 3, 2001 3:16 PM