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OCLV ?(8 posts)

OCLV ?trj
Jul 2, 2001 7:44 PM
I have a chance to by a used frame {only built not ridden}for under 500 is supposed to be a 5500 usps bike,the owner said that it is pearl,i thought they are white? i will look at it this weekened,is there anything i can/should look at to tell me this is not a great deal.{IE hairline cracks,etc.} i have never been on a cf bike so i am curious about its there any major difference in the 5900? other than price.I also have a Campy record group that i was going to install on my older frame,can you tell if the shimano sticker is easily removable or do i cover it?{don't need a conflick!!}Is this a poser bike or is it for real? I know USPS rides them but looking at the Pro Cycling TDF insert the front cover cleary shows the bike with a raised head tube,my assumtion{i know} is that USPS has some custom fabrication going on. thanks,TR
re: OCLV ?fuzzybunnies
Jul 2, 2001 8:01 PM
both the 5500 and the 5200(the same frame) come in two colours, the 5200 also comes in black which looks much cooler than the postal frame, not certain of the 5500's so it could very well be pearl. Basically the only thing to look for are as you mention the hairline cracks or if there are any scratches, ones that are just in the paint are no big deal, anything deeper forget the frame. The major difference between the 5500 and the 5900 is weight, the 5900 is lighter and I belive is what usps is using this year instead of the 5500. TTFN
re: OCLV ?Atombomber
Jul 2, 2001 11:01 PM
When I bought my 5200, I was told that the decals were applied over the clearcoat. I am not so sure this is totally true. I have the Black version, and it appears that the clear coat is over the decals. At this point, I won't worry, since it is not overly (read gaudy) stickered. The 5200 also comes in the White (pearl) USPS livery. The 5500 shares the same frame and colours as the 5200 (white and black) but also includes a red. The red didn't look great in the shop, but insunlight it looks cool. Both the red and black you can see the carbon layers, and really show in sunshine.

As to what to look for... The 2001 models use 1-1/8" steerer tubes. I can't be certain if the 2000 models had this, but I know the 1999 model had 1". As mentioned, look for cracks or chips in the finish in both the frame and the fork. You mention that it was unridden, so confirm that by inspecting areas that would be hard to clean up for signs that that the bike was ridden. $500 is great price for that frame, especially if it is 2001.

The difference between the 5200/5500 and the 5700/5900 frames is the of use of 120 and 110 Carbon respectively. (120 grams/square meter and 110 grams/square meter). The USPS use the 120 frames for all the classics, and also use the curved fork that is sold with the 120 frames. For mountain stages, the 110 frames are used, and they have a straight legs of 110 material also. From what I have seen, the head tubes seem to extend higher on team bikes, but not always. I don't know if it optical, but GH's bike looks like mine (other than the colour, since we both have 60cm) LA was riding a new version in the Swiss Tour mountain stages. I don't know what they did at Trek, but they did something. Maybe 100 OCLV?

Check it out carefully. If the size is correct, you'll love the ride.
Oh, Trek uses English tread BB, so be certain that your Campy BB is that too. Good luck.
Under $500?Dave Hickey
Jul 3, 2001 10:04 AM
Maybe my suspicious mind is at work here, but under $500 sounds too cheap for a unridden 5500. Make sure the frame is not stolen or damaged.
re: Under $500?trj
Jul 3, 2001 2:58 PM
yup! it turns out he needs a favor from me,if the favor is large enough the frame is going to be free!.i am in commercial real estate so i have some idea of what he needs we will see this weekend.
you can get the stickers offishmael
Jul 3, 2001 9:06 PM
ive got the blue one from last year..the color is nice but it was covered in trek stickers, i removed them is clearcoated on top but if you dont mind wasting about a total of 3 hours you can get them all off...infact you can do it much faster if you take my experienced advice, go slow and dont rip them...thats takes alot of time to get them going and that is the annoying part, the pealing is actually kind of fun but a study in patience...once you get it going try to gradually work it around so that you are peeling the whole sticker at once and not just a torn strip..from a couple of feet away you cant tell it ever had stickers
the frame is great and even if it is cracked and he still has the receipt he can get another one because they have a great warranty...i had a steel bike and this is much nicer, a bit long though
Removing the decals voids the warrantyAndy
Jul 4, 2001 12:12 AM
Trek customer service sent me an email explaining that the removal of the decals from the frame voids the warranty. I'm not saying don't remove them, I'm saying understand what the ramifications are first and decide if it's worth it to you before you remove them.

The customer service department suggested sending the entire frame back to the factory to be repainted if you don't like the decals. That seemed pretty lame to me since they'd probably put the same decals back on after they painted it.
they told me differentlyishmael
Jul 4, 2001 9:23 PM
ishmael was told that removing the stickers will void the paint warranty but will not void the seperate frame warranty...if you get it painted somewhere else it will void the frame warranty though because the prep work involves sanding...this is what i was told by someone on the phone from trek...lets call her jill