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Brakes for older bike(4 posts)

Brakes for older bikeKurt H
Jul 2, 2001 2:54 PM
I originally posted this one on the components board, but I figure I'll try it here also:

Hey folks,
I'm not as familiar with some of the older equipment, so I'm bowing out to those with experience. I need to put a pair of brakes on an old frame which I've built up as a commuter. The problem is that I need a nutted brake with a fairly long reach (50mm or so), and they have been tough to find. I have found two pairs that will fit, one is center pull, the other is a single pivot side pull. Aesthetics aside, is there a huge difference in stopping power (or anything else I should be concerned with!!) between the two? I came into cycling after center pulls, so I'm a little out of my league here. Help!!
Jul 2, 2001 3:06 PM
Loose Screws (a supplier of oddparts),, or Rivendell ,, another source of non-bleeding edge items.
re: Brakes for older bikeJofa
Jul 2, 2001 3:17 PM
Here's a very comprehensive description of all the relative brake designs and their merits (or not):

Rivendell, at (I think), the Third Hand, Sheldon Brown and others all used to sell a 'drop bolt' if you need to fit more modern shorter drop brakes. Alternatively one could be made easily out of a bit of steel plate. Also I remember reading somewhere recently that Shimano have/ are about to release a deep drop dual pivot brake, like the old RX100 which can sometimes still be found.
re: Brakes for older bikeCliff Oates
Jul 2, 2001 6:44 PM
The Quality catalog lists a Tektro side pull caliper (single pivot, of course) with nutted mounting bolts in 3 ranges of reach ranging from 49mm to 78mm. Your LBS should have no problem ordering these for you.