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Pre ride conditioning(5 posts)

Pre ride conditioningRandyMH
Jul 2, 2001 10:33 AM
As I mentioned in an earlier post I just got a new bike. I was wondering if there were any things I should do to the bike before putting it out on the road? In a past post someone mentioned that there were some areas of the bike they whould have treated to prevent rusting.
Also what are some of the best foods to eat before riding. Until now I have only worked out in the gym and tried to avoid lots of carbs. But I know I will need them if I'm going to ride.
Trial and ErrorMabero
Jul 2, 2001 11:14 AM
A lot of what you bring along with you on the ride will be found by trial and error...for instance a lot of riders will help some form of electrolyte solution in their drink, but some only go with water. I usually bring energy bars along the road with me for mileage over 30+ and bring beefier water (Gatorade, cytomax, revenge, etc.)

But you'll figure that out as you ride...what to eat and how much depends on your body and what you want to do for that day.

As for what to do on your bike before you go ride? Lube the chain if its dry but other than the basics (checking the tire pressure and just looking at the bike itself for oddities) I really just take it and ride.
re: Pre ride conditioningLone Gunman
Jul 2, 2001 1:22 PM
I see that your bike is ALUM, no frame rust problems there, wipe the bike down with a dry rag after riding paying attention to the areas that you sweat upon, stem headset area and bottom bracket, top and down tubes and keep the chain lubed and clean. Food wise, I have read that the ave. cyclist burns 450 to 600 calories an hour depending upon effort. You will figure out on your own if you need to be eating or drinking anything outside of water on your own. It can become a whole big science project, you and effort and food/drink. I have a mark for myself that I use that I suspect alot of other cyclists use when deciding on what is needed for a ride. My mark is the 40 miles or 1.75 hours of cycling. Beyond that and I am bringing food or I'm buying food on the route and or I throw in a sports drink. I figure 1 22oz bottle of water for each 25 miles I ride is sufficient for ave. conditions. Really hot I drink more. But always eat and drink within 2 hours of when you stopped riding. Don't overdo the carbs... I think one Whopper is 600 or so calories, just to put things in perspective.
Some carb advice...Velocipedio
Jul 2, 2001 4:49 PM
Try to eat a variety of carbs rather than just one -- bread or pasta or crackers or whatever. The idea is to eat a range of carbs that will metabolize at different rates, so the slower carbs will take over at just about the time when the faster carbs are exhausted, etc. Look for something called the glycemic index [on the Net or at a book store]. The index ranks different carb foods according to how quickly they are metabolized.
my earlier mention of rust pre-treating weren't frame related...Haiku d'état
Jul 3, 2001 8:44 AM
instead, they were component fixture-related, more specifically, rust in the heads of the hex bolts on the derailleurs, seatclamp, stem, etc.--and this was for pre-rain rides, but would also apply if you intend to sweat on 'em. not sure if i'd fill them with candle wax, coat them using lemon pledge, armor all, or what, but whatever it takes to prevent them from developing a thin top layer of rust.

don't know what level you're at in riding and caring for the bike, and whether you've an MTB history or otherwise, so, just in case...don't forget your spare tube(s), patch kit, pump/inflator, and tire tools. small seatpack is usually just large enough for this stuff and a clif bar.

have fun!