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newbie tyre question(4 posts)

newbie tyre questionthe new guy
Jul 2, 2001 10:14 AM
what is th edifference between sew up tyres, clinchers, and tubulars? Can I use tubulars on my new bike, its a Trek 1000? My riding buddy says all the pros use tubulars
Tubulars are Sew ups...MrCelloBoy
Jul 2, 2001 10:31 AM
I would bet that not ALL pro's use sew ups. The ride quality of clinchers (actually beaded tires, I understand that the term clincher "technically" refers to a style of tire that is no longer in existence) has improved so much in the last 25 years that the ride isn't drastically different.
See the following article by the amazig info. source Sheldon Brown...
re: Go clincherSteve A
Jul 2, 2001 10:47 AM
The new clinchers are very good light and fast, with the tubulars you have to glue them etc etc etc, its a pain and not necessary any longer, most road bike technology is based on a lot of tradition, and as such people wont change, I bet a lot of the pros are now using clinchers ?
took me a long timeMike K
Jul 2, 2001 12:54 PM
To part with tubulars but as the above post state new clinchers are very, very good and so much easier to live with, no glue, easy to patch, cheaper and availibility. Having riden tubulars for the last 15 years and recently getting a set of clincher wheels I honestly can say that I don't really think its worth the hastle to play with stretching, stitching, and glueing tires any longer.
Also, quite a few pros ride clinchers these days - I would bet that 5 to 10 years from now tubulars will be a thing of the past..