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Time to shop for a new road bike(4 posts)

Time to shop for a new road bikeTrent in WA
Jul 2, 2001 12:22 AM
I'm shopping for an entry-level road bike in the sub-$850 range. Partly for aesthetics and partly for functionality, I'm leaning towards a steel bike. Thus far the two bikes I've tried that I like the best are the Jamis Ventura and the LeMond Nevada City. The Jamis is spec'd with Tiagra components and is built with a Reynolds 520 tubeset; the LeMond uses Sora components and a mix of Reynolds 853 (main triangle) and 525. I can get the Jamis for about $800 and the LeMond for $700. Both bikes felt comfortable in the test ride, though the Jamis was more immediately "dialed-in"; I would need a shorter stem for the LeMond to fit me perfectly, but other than that, the fit is a wash either way. The two bikes weigh about the same. My sense is that the Jamis has better components, the LeMond the better frame (though I'm not 100% sure about that). The other bike
I'd like to try, the KHS Flite 300, hangs a Sora drivetrain on a Reynolds 520 frameset. However, since I can't find a bike shop either locally or regionally that has the Flite in my size (56 or 57 cm.), I probably won't be going in that direction.

Given the above, what are your recommendations / experiences with either of those bikes? Are there any others in that price range I should take a look at? While I might try my hand at racing if and when I have my official midlife crisis, I will most likely be using the bike for far 'n' fast fun riding (i.e. "training rides") and, sooner or later, centuries.

Thanks a lot,
Trent in WA
Another optionDrD
Jul 2, 2001 5:18 AM
If you think racing is going to be in the future, you might be better served by purchasing a used bike - you can get alot more bang for the buck that way (just take a look at the average bike in the classified section here, or on ebay, and compare that to new prices) - you are also much more likely to find a good steel bike than new - in the price range you are thinking, many manufacturers (Schwinn, Raleigh, GT, etc.) have gone aluminum.

Don't get hung up on weight - get the bike which "feels" the best to you.
Reynolds 520 vs. 853 essentiallyMabero
Jul 2, 2001 8:49 AM
This is actually pretty interesting considering I am currently riding on a Reynolds 520 and my girlfriend just bought the Nevada City which has the Reynolds 853.

Reynolds 853 -> Lemond Neveda City
This is a better frame quality/stiffer than the earlier version (520). The 853 refers to the temperatore the welds were done at. For piece of mind in the Neveda City the frame is not a full 853 as it consists of 520 seat stays (woohoo not a big deal). Also the Neveda city is not a "full" sora package as the calipers are generic there a difference? Maybe could swap them out if you buy one though...I don't know. Also due to the frame being a little bit better the wheels suffer. I had never head of Aurora before. The wheels are also 25mm and not 23mm making it feel more comfortable.

Overall the 520 is a decent frame but it such a soft ride that it steals your energy away from you. If I were you I would go with the 853 cause components are easy (kinda) to swap as a frame is not. You might be better suited to take the Neveda City and buy the Spinery Spoz R2 for $299 (usually they are about 500) from Supergo. That would make the bike a lot faster.
Re; 853 welding temp....?Rusty Coggs
Jul 2, 2001 11:55 AM
853 has nothing to do with the welding temperature. TIG welding is actually done at a much higher temperature.