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How to open the special link on KMC chains?(2 posts)

How to open the special link on KMC chains?jba
Jul 1, 2001 2:43 PM

I'm trying to clean my chain. I have a KMC supershuttle chain that has the special link that can be opened up without tools (supposedly). This to make it easy to remove the chain to clean it without having to undo derailleurs or push out a chain pin.

I've forgotten how to open up this chain link. Can anybody help me? How do i open it up?

Once installed...its very tough...GregR
Jul 1, 2001 4:17 PM
They are very tough to get apart. It's almost a one shot deal, once its on (which is not easy to get together), its on for good.

The Sachs and Superlink come aprat real easy. The KMC has a little ramp on the iside of the end plate that latches the thing together, and they dont come apart.

Press it out with a chain breaker and replace with a Sachs or Superlink.