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Dog pack interval training(5 posts)

Dog pack interval trainingdavidl
Jun 30, 2001 8:48 PM
I'm test riding an old bike this afternoon [given to me by my brother] aluminum Cannondale - bike's in good shape - nice ride and I kind of got off the beaten path - 'the road less taken' so to speak - pretty good clip down some back country [paved] roads, when I discovered interval training. I had been thinking about trying to improve by introducing intervals into my rides - but these intervals were short and intense, started by dogs coming out of nowhere. There must have been about six sets of chasing canines, usually one on one, but one dog-pack of about 5 dogs. The best runners were Australian Shepherds. Luckily they weren't mean - they just wanted to run hard and bark-and I had some recovery time, too - Each interval was a surprise, and I didn't know I could accelerate like that. Adrenaline works! It was a good workout - I never would have ridden that hard on my own. Good dogs !
re: Dog pack interval trainingAkirasho
Jul 1, 2001 4:37 AM
... yup, unscheduled interval training can still be of benefit... be it chasing down a rabbit up the road, or a pack of roaming hounds...

Just remember, when riding with a group, if set upon by a dog (or pack of dogs), you don't have to be faster than the dog(s)... just faster than your slowest rider...

Be the bike.
Faster than the slowest...Jim Burton
Jul 1, 2001 8:33 AM
You are absolutely right! I had not been set upon by dogs in a group until last week. They really do only get at the slowest! I guess it is the "weak and wounded" of the herd that they instinctively go after. From now on, I will time my pull to coincide with the passing of the pit bull's house!!
two guys out camping in the jungle. see a tiger. one guybill
Jul 1, 2001 2:02 PM
turns to the other and said let's run for it. the other guy says, are you kidding we'll never outrun the tiger. the first guy says, don't have to outrun the tiger. just have to outrun you.
re: Dog pack interval trainingSteve R
Jul 1, 2001 4:13 PM
That's true, but sometimes it takes days for her to get over it.