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campy click when coasting(5 posts)

campy click when coastingharlydog
Jun 30, 2001 2:36 PM
I purchased a new bike with campy chorus 10. I went riding with an old riding partner up a local canyon. I joked that my new ride would probably coast much faster than his old bike. As we started coasting down the campy clicking noise was apparent. My friend, an engineer, mentioned the noise was caused by friction and friction would result in a less efficient roll. Thinking about his statement I would have to agree with him. Of course I could always pedal to avoid the click/friction/resistance.
What are everyone's thoughts about the campy click.
it's a beautiful sound !!!climbo
Jun 30, 2001 3:28 PM
Campy hubs are great, the click is just the pawl engagement inside the hub. Friction is limited and someone more technical could explain it better than me. Many hubs have this kind of thing and they make noise. Campy and King hubs are noisy and very noisy but some of the best you can buy. Love that noise!!
re: campy click when coastingLBS Guy
Jun 30, 2001 4:58 PM
Thats the best noise you can ever hear, hubs that dont have the click actually produce more friction from the type of engagement they have, if you worried about the noise overhaul the hub and fill the engagement rings with a poly- based grease, this will make it quieter, if you want less friction, which there isn't that much, put some chain-lube on the rings, but it will make it louder, i'd go for the regular old hum of the hub though, doesn't need to be bothered with. later, happy riding ahead
re: campy click when coastingLC
Jun 30, 2001 5:43 PM
I got some silent hubs and it makes coasting really nice and quiet. It is almost like the difference between a motorcycle and a bicycle. I don't even let someone with one of those campy hubs ride anywhere near me.
re: campy click when coastingcycleguy
Jun 30, 2001 10:06 PM
I have both campy and shimano now. And yes the campy is louder. But you will get two or more opinions vs one fact about the reason why. I don't have one either way. But your right about one thing. You will always go faster when you peddle vs coasting!