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CF question(16 posts)

CF questionLazy
Jun 30, 2001 11:50 AM
One of the biggest knocks on CF frames that I've heard is the creaking noise that they produce after some use. Is that noise more common in lugged CF frames or monococque frames? Just curious.
re: CF questionRusty Coggs
Jun 30, 2001 6:55 PM
Where does one come up with this kind of misinformation....? Really curious...
re: CF questionLC
Jun 30, 2001 7:55 PM
My monococque frame does not make any noise, and neither does my old Giant CF lugged frame.
re: CF questioncycleguy
Jun 30, 2001 10:15 PM
Same as any other creaking noise. Incorrectly installed parts.
re: CF questionSteeeve
Jul 1, 2001 4:32 AM
I have never heard any frame noise from my monocoque.
re: CF questionMGS
Jul 1, 2001 9:14 AM
I have a moncoque and standard CF frame, Never heard a creak

I agree, who is it that says this kind of thing.

Creaks come from components.
re: CF questionSkip
Jul 1, 2001 1:31 PM
It only happens when the CF termites get an in road through the clear coat to the actual CF fibers. Once that happens, they start chewing away with abandon upon the carbon fiber. They lay and attach their eggs on the inside surface of the tubing, sometimes breaking free from a weakened section, or with enough jarring motion (rough terrain), and falling to the bottom bracket area due to gravity. (That is why more often than not, the annoying sound seems to emminate from the BB area). They are quite prolific, a mature female CF termite is capable of laying up to 6,000 eggs over her lifespan of 6 months. Their optimum enviroment is a temp & humidity range of 70-85 degrees and percent respectively. They don't survive well out of this range, and a good freeze will kill off the current adult population; but it will require a second freeze 3-4 weeks later to kill the new, emerging adults from the egg stage. Generally they tend to eat/chew in a random, and homogeneous pattern, thus spreading out their destruction more evenly, and not destroying their host/parasite relationship quickly but rather, over many years (thus the limited quaranty often offered by CF frame manufacturers). Sometimes they will weaken a small section which will lead to catastrophic failure (i.e.: as was witnessed with the CF fork failure in the Giro). If you are able to keep an intact clear coat covering the CF weave, you can usually prevent or at least delay entry. Therefore, it is even more important with CF frames than others, to not scratch or ding them. Inspect them carefully, with at least a 10 power lens after each ride. So all you Colnago, Calfee, CF Trek, etc. owners be careful, inspect often, and be safe out there.

re: CF questioncycleguy
Jul 1, 2001 3:41 PM
So what you're saying is that once every three weeks I should ride my CF bike at the North or South Pole. It's now in my dayplanner!!

re: CF questionSkip
Jul 1, 2001 4:53 PM
Storing CF bikes in walk in freezers (temperature set to below 32* F) between rides, will curtail the need for those lengthy N/S excurions, and help out tremendously during summer months, and year round for those in tropical climes.
re: CF questionMGS
Jul 1, 2001 4:26 PM
If I drill holes in my frame and put poison bait,i.e., aluminum pellets, will it kill the CF termites??
re: CF questionSkip
Jul 1, 2001 5:05 PM
I haven't seen any published double blind studies concerning the effectiveness of aluminum pellets against the CF termites. Any good organo-phosphate pesticide, especially those with residual effects, should work fine. But a healthy disclaimer needs to be mentioned - to test the pesticide on a similar CF layup before subjecting your prize (read expensive) CF frame, so as not to weaken, discolor, or in anyway damage the frame.
re: CF questionkevinpmac
Jul 2, 2001 8:52 AM
Excellent scientific post regarding CF termites. I can speak from first-hand experience on this subject.

My first carbon fiber steed was a very nice 1996 5500 Trek OCLV. I had it exactly one year when the problems started. The LBS quickly diagnosed it as CF termites. We took the drastic step of utilizing a cyrogenic treatment. No luck, the termites smelled blood and came back within six months. I had to trash the frame and fork.

My next step was to purchase my current Colnago C40 in clearcoat. I highly recommend clearcoat finish on carbon fiber bikes. You can inspect the frame before and after each and every ride. You have no idea the piece of mind this affords. So termites in the three and a half years with this bike. I suspect the termites do not like the clearcoat finish. They seem to prefer dark places, which means painted surfaces.

Let this be a lesson to all.
Creaking sound with OCLV frameElefantino
Jul 1, 2001 4:45 PM
I have a Trek 5200 and can verify that I had a creaking sound not too long after I bought it. At first, I thought it might be my components, but a thorough lubing and exorcism didn't stop the squeaking. Then I thought it might be one my riding buddies behind me saying "creaking sound, creaking sound" but they all swear they only say "flat tire, flat tire." I even suspected my pet monkey, Marco, who sits on my downtube during most of my centuries.
Then I discovered, much to my chagrin, that it was actually my left knee. So I had surgery and now there is no more creaking sound.
I suggest you tell whoever told you about CF creaking to try a similar remedy on their head.
Problem now curedmuncher
Jul 2, 2001 9:17 AM
As some of you know, I have been doing some research into Look frames lately, with a view to buying one. I too, was worried about CF termites, living as I do in a predominantly wooded area. Transpires that this problem has now been eliminated with the introduction of a pesticide into the CF mix at the manufacturing stage, so we can all rest easy. The old fashioned "Termite bird-scarer" (the tiny little creaking sound that used to eminate, after long use, from the wheels on the tiny micro-casette buried in the frame that played an anti-termite sound recording to deter the pests) is now a thing of the past.
I'll take your termite infested frames off your hands!(nm)Dave Hickey
Jul 2, 2001 4:56 PM
another solutionseamus
Jul 3, 2001 2:16 PM
Your local pet store has feeder mice for less than two bucks. take out your seatpost and drop a feeder mouse in your seattube (females work best) and the mouse will go to work removing CF termites.

Bunch of freaks. All of you. Really.