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Frames:Mongoose IBOC Carbon Champ or Reynolds 853 steel?(9 posts)

Frames:Mongoose IBOC Carbon Champ or Reynolds 853 steel?dcr915
Jun 29, 2001 6:34 PM
I have a chance to buy a Mongoose Carbon IBOC Champ frame. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this frame or better yet any experience?
Thanks for any imput
Ride hard and have a blast
I see lots of hits but no words of wisdom,Someone, anyone!!!!dcr915
Jun 30, 2001 12:03 AM
I have the reyonlds 520 chro-mo KHS frame from the Flight 500 at this point. A friend is offering me a Mongoose monocoupe carbon fiber frame for 150.00. Its noticably lighter, but how does carbon fiber hold up, better yet how does it ride?
Wich is the better way do ya think?
A lot of e-merchants have the same problem!Car Magnet
Jun 30, 2001 5:21 AM
Can't tell you about carbon, but the 853 is a real sweet ride. But I am partial to steel.
re: Frames:Mongoose IBOC Carbon Champ or Reynolds 853 steel?Lone Gunman
Jun 30, 2001 8:20 AM
I agonized for 3 years looking for a frame that was worthy of the cash I was willing to spend. I simply could not justify spending an additional $500-$700 on Ti or CF because I wanted cream of the crop frame. I went with Lemond 853 steel frame. Everytime I glide over a patch of bad road at 25mph I am reminded of my wisdom. I am partial to steel, but from someone I know who owns a shop, they would not carry CF frames. Once they start to creak, it is tough to get rid of the noise.
re: Frames:Mongoose IBOC Carbon Champ or Reynolds 853 steel?LC
Jun 30, 2001 5:58 PM
The carbon frame is good for everything except it can chip from chain drops or rock dings. I have both types of frames and like them both, but I find myself riding the carbon fiber more because it is lighter and is stiffer for climbing and yet still takes the rough roads just as good as steel.
Thanks for all ther imput:)dcr915
Jun 30, 2001 11:18 PM
Ive been told Steel is the way to go by the greater masses. But at 150.00 bucks I think Im going to try thr carbon fiber frame so I can have some first hand experience.
I already have the steel frame so Ill give the CF a shot. I can get it cheep enough. Ill post my experience with it so as to let anyone else know another opinion.
Well thanks again everyone
Ride hard and have a blast
Dennis in Phoenix
I own a Mongoose IBOC Carbon ChampSteeeve
Jul 1, 2001 5:04 AM
I purchased this frame a year ago. It is a fine frame. Monocoque construction, all the cables are routed internally for a clean look. My frame is a 58cm and weighs exactly 3 lbs naked. I put on a carbon Slice Podigy fork, it has a mix of Ulterga and Dura Ace 9 spd compoments. I have no complaints about the frame, only praises. It is light, stiff, and give a very comfortable ride. I just purchased some Formula Xero wheels from Supergo along with Michelin Axial Pros. The completed bike rides and handles great. Complete bike total weight is just over 19lbs.
If your frame is in good shape, I wouldn't hessitate to purchase it.
I own a Mongoose IBOC Carbon Champdcr915
Jul 1, 2001 9:35 PM
Thanks for your imput. My LBS owner has been doing me good for the most part so far so I think Ill buy the frame. Its like you described with all the cables routed internaly. Its a 54 and he says its about 3 lbs.Although it has a few scratches on it. If it were steel that wouldn't even give me a second thought but I know nothing about the integraty of carbon fibor.
Im going to buy it and give it a shot, he'll sell it to me for 150.00. Does that sound fair? It sure seem like it
Well rida hard and have a blast
Do you know the difference from 853 steel and 520 chrom oly?
I own a Mongoose IBOC Carbon ChampSteeve
Jul 2, 2001 10:11 AM
I bought my frame from this site's classifieds. It cost me $125. My frame also has a few minor surface scratches. The scratches are only in the paint.

I have some digital photos of the bike but do not know how to post them here. When I learn I'll post them.