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Real Advice on First Road Bike Needed...switching gears(5 posts)

Real Advice on First Road Bike Needed...switching gearsSubStandard
Jun 29, 2001 5:37 PM
changing gears from mountain biking to road work and, to be honest, I'm not positive enought that I'm going to stick with the pavement. But I know my Jekyll isn't cutting it on the streets. This puts me in the position of having to buy a road bike, but not (yet) wanting to commit serious money to another bike. I'm somewhat knowledgeable about mountain bikes and bikes in general...but would like some specific feedback about a good road bike to break myself in on. Here's the criteria... under $1000.00 (Wife will kill me after seeing last year's expenses if it's any more), strong frame (215 lbs of love here), and upgradeable. Other than that, I'm open. I'm not fast (yet), but I'm trying to switch gears off road to on road as the local trails get more and more scarce and crowded. Ok, guys, let's hear it...
Try this...Cima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 5:44 PM
Go get fitted at a good LBS, or check out for fit tips, then start searching for a good used ride. You'll get better components and frame material from someone else looking to upgrade than you will buying new in that price range.

That should be sufficiently vague. Good Luck!!

re: Real Advice on First Road Bike Needed...switching gearsSpiderman
Jun 29, 2001 6:03 PM
the low end bianchis. they have great steel frames specced out with some campy for way under 1000. Can't go wrong there.
re: Real Advice on First Road Bike Needed...switching gearsCrash
Jun 29, 2001 7:06 PM
Seeing as you must like Cannondales, they are just coming out with the 2002 models which means you should be able to get a good deal on a 2001 R600. They list for around 1200, but I'll bet you can soon get it for close to 1000. Bicycling mag just gave it the readers choice for bikes under 1500 award. You can go double or triple, mostly Shimano 105 group, plus you get the nice CAAD 4 frame. Very smooth riding for an AL frame, especially if you around 200. You can upgrade the frame to your hearts content, or sell it next year and trade up when you decide what you really want.
re: Real Advice on First Road Bike Needed...switching gearsPogliaghi
Jun 29, 2001 11:27 PM
Hey, I'm there with you, my wife is scrutinizing my bike expenses these days.

It's getting harder to find bikes with good components for under a $1000. Check out Fuji bikes or KHS both companies make good quality bicycles at a good value and should be available locally if you live in a major metro area.

also available online from Harris Cyclery.


And if you go online, check Gary Hobb's website for some great deals.

Supergo is blowing out an aluminum Jamis road frame with fork for $250. Combine that with Gary Hobb's $695 Shimano 105 build kit or $695 Campy Veloce build kit and you've got a rockin' road bike for around a grand.

You might also want to consider a cross bike (e.g. cyclocross NOT hybrids which are sometimes called cross). They tend to be less expensive than road. Built with a road kit, they'll perform quite nicely as road bikes. Slap some fat knobbies on and you can ride the trails. I'm partial to Surly since I own one. They can be built up for less than $1000. I've also heard good comments about the Redline Conquest.



Best of luck to you.