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List of cycling pronunciations(36 posts)

List of cycling pronunciationsDog
Jun 29, 2001 8:54 AM
I'm putting together a list of cycling pronunciations on my website, as I usually don't have a clue until I've heard them 10 times, and don't want to sound like an idiot. Anyone want to contribute to the list? Please post away. Thanks.

Isn't it?muncher
Jun 29, 2001 9:06 AM
Par'ee - roo'bye?
Jun 29, 2001 9:20 AM
Hmm, let's get a consensus; that's sort of why I'm doing this; thanks

Could be trickey....muncher
Jun 29, 2001 9:39 AM
Due to big pond issues. I have a American friend who pronounces Panniers (as in back bags) "Pin - ears". Us Brits call them
"Pany-errs". With that sort of thing, there may be little hope....
Cancel my last....muncher
Jun 29, 2001 9:53 AM
Just spoke to my French ex-lodger (she went home to Marsailles last Sunday after have been here studying for 2 years) - sounds like Peareae - Rrrrrrrooooubierieierieieriierireeie, or something. I think she has a spohisticated monied South accent....
Jun 29, 2001 9:48 AM
...according to

...there is a sound file...
'pah-ree ro-'bie?9WorCP
Jun 29, 2001 9:48 AM
It doesn't help that Paul and Phil often pronounce the names several different ways in a single telecast. This one I know: Gent Wevelgem = ghent 'vay-vul-gum. Laurent Jalabert = Lah-'rahn 'Yal-uh-bear.
Isn't it Pah-ree Roo-bay? (nm)Cima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 9:55 AM
Seven: ohmigodwotalotofmuhnee (nm)MeDotOrg
Jun 29, 2001 9:35 AM
Does anyone know how to pronounce Battaglin?Cima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 9:52 AM
I thought it's pronounced bat-a-leen (no g). Thanks

By the way Doug, I've always been told Ciocc is pronounced ch-o-ch (long o), Then again, I've heard 10 different pronunciations of Pinarello at the same LBS.
Also, how does one pronounce Ksyrium?Cima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 10:13 AM
K or no K?
no KSpiderman
Jun 29, 2001 10:47 AM
pronounced see-ree-um
Finally,...Cima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 10:54 AM
this has been bugging me since they came out. My LBS pronounces them "kri-ser-ee-um", and it just did not seem right. At least "Helium" was self-explanitory, I think!! Thanks
Jun 30, 2001 9:50 PM
The K is silent.

Also, how does one pronounce Ksyrium?Jerry Gardner
Jun 29, 2001 12:20 PM
Also, how does one pronounce Ksyrium?

It's prounounced: waste-of-money
Its batta yeeenpmf
Jun 29, 2001 11:08 AM
BA-TAL-YEEN (nm)mmaggi
Jun 29, 2001 11:29 AM
re: List of cycling pronunciationsLazy
Jun 29, 2001 9:58 AM
Not sure who your target audience is, but you may want to add some defintions too. I know it's hard to fathom, but probably 90-95% of the US population has no idea what "peloton" means.

Also, might want to add some of the terms you see during the broadcast from French/Italian TV:

Testa della corsa
Maillot jaune/maglia rosa
gruppo compacto
good ideas - Thanks allDog
Jun 29, 2001 10:06 AM
Thanks. I'll add those, but in a few days; I'm off to do the Terrible Two tomorrow.

Just don't ask Bob Roll!MikeC
Jun 29, 2001 10:51 AM
I wince whenever I hear Bob refer to the "Tour day Franz," but he's ridden it and I never will, so his vote counts more.
Just don't ask Bob Roll!jschrotz
Jun 29, 2001 3:36 PM
I have to second that thought on Roll's pronunciation of the Tour. I'm sure it's just Bob being Bob, but it sounds completely ridiculous.
Jun 29, 2001 12:40 PM
it's Pa-Ree Roo-bay ... The "x" is silent, the "r's" are rolled at the glottis, unlike in German, where it's rolled at the tongue. Sounds weird, that... but there you are.
Actually..down here in TexasLeroy L
Jun 29, 2001 3:20 PM
it's "Pair - REE 'ROE-Bucks"
You forgot the mother-of-all mispronounced cycling words ...bianchi boy
Jun 29, 2001 2:28 PM

That's why most people just say Campy, 'cause they can't figure out how to say it!
You forgot the mother-of-all mispronounced cycling words ...Jerry Gardner
Jun 29, 2001 4:00 PM
You forgot the mother-of-all mispronounced cycling words ...


That one's easy: campin-yolo
Team Once-- on'-say (I think)Jim Burton
Jun 29, 2001 3:19 PM
Or any host of team names...
How 'bout MavicMel Erickson
Jun 29, 2001 4:52 PM
Is it mah-vic, may-vic or maa-vic (as Paul Sherwin usually says). I usually say mah-vic but have heard all three.
How 'bout MavicCima Coppi
Jun 29, 2001 5:59 PM
Although I trust European pronunciation over our ignorance (I think Paul Sherwin probably has it right), I have always heard it pronounced "May-vik" in Colorado, ever since I started riding the mid eighties.
How 'bout Mavictommyb
Jun 29, 2001 6:23 PM
It's a French company, so I use Mah-veek'.
Correct!Kerry Irons
Jun 29, 2001 6:32 PM
Plus, it's all caps. MAVIC is actually an acronym for the French words describing a manufacuter of stuff for bikes (Ciclisme'?). In the same way that MAFAC was for brakes (freins (sp?) = brakes). The M, A, and C in each of these is the same. I used to know this, but it's been 20 years.
VitusDave Hickey
Jun 29, 2001 9:13 PM
I've heard Vitus pronounced:

You're all right and wrongStarliner
Jun 29, 2001 10:27 PM
When I am in Paris, I say pahREE but when I am in California, Paris is Pare-iss. Likewise, when I am in Mexico, I say MAY-HE-ko; but when I am in New Mexico, I say New Mexico.

A language teacher I had once insisted that one should pronounce words as they are pronounced in the language one is speaking - the idea was to be consistent with your speech, and to avoid clumsily shifting to another part of the mouth as is often required when attempting to match another language's pronunciation. Yet there are many foreign words (Roubaix) which are not used enough in another language to have a commonly accepted pronunciation, such as Pare-iss for Paris. In such cases, anything goes I guess, until a commonly accepted pronunciation would develop.

So Doug, don't worry about being an idiot as long as you say it fast and keep speaking American.
You're all right and wrongJim Burton
Jul 1, 2001 1:12 AM
That's funny. I always sort of have trouble, like you said, shifting gears when a foreign word comes along in conversation; especially when talking cycling with my non-cycling friends. I tend to rush over whatever word they might look at me funny after saying.

Reminds me of the episode of SNL that was hosted by a Spanish guy. One skit was in a news room where all of the news casters overpronounced everything: BURRRRITO'! ENCHILADAS! NICARAGUA! BOB COSTAS! If I sound anywhere near that ridiculous, I am going to quit talking cycling.
You're all right and wrongJerry Gardner
Jul 6, 2001 3:36 PM
When I am in Paris, I say pahREE but when I am in California, Paris is Pare-iss. Likewise, when I am in Mexico, I say MAY-HE-ko; but when I am in New Mexico, I say New Mexico.

Then why do we say Beijing instead of Peking in the U.S.?
Glad we got the ugly american column out of the way nmTom C
Jul 1, 2001 9:23 AM
will work on the listDog
Jul 6, 2001 3:40 PM
working on the list, but I see this may not be easy. Maybe I'll give alternates for the disputed ones.