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Chris Calfee frames(7 posts)

Chris Calfee framesmtbroadie
Jun 28, 2001 4:42 PM
Anyone familiar with Chris Calfee bikes? They are out of Santa Cruz. I'm wondering how they compare to a Kestrel or others.
I'm also interested in people's thought on carbon vs. aluminum. I currently ride a Bianchi.


good framesFrenchPress
Jun 28, 2001 7:33 PM
If you know you want carbon and need a funky size (or just have a lot of money burning a hole in your wallet) then get one. They are great bikes, and he's the only person making custom carbon frames as far as I know. Yes, they cost a bit, but all carbon bikes do. And that it's a custom is nice.

As a side note, he made the carbon LeMonds before Trek bought LeMond. So, his bikes have been in the Tour.
cost issuecarbonguy
Jun 28, 2001 7:36 PM
if you look at Calfee bikes compared to other carbon bikes such as the Kestral they are very reasonable priced.
its Craig Calfee framescarbonguy
Jun 28, 2001 7:35 PM
Calfee's bikes are really high quality he makes a great riding bike. I just got a luna a few months ago and I love it.
it's "it's"...TJeanloz
Jun 28, 2001 8:36 PM
I had to be the **shole
Good to see you're using that college education (nm)pmf
Jun 29, 2001 9:02 AM
re: Chris Calfee framesMrCelloBoy
Jun 28, 2001 11:19 PM
My personal opinion...Carbon does much more in the way of shock absorbing than Alu. and doesn't give up much in stifness where it really matters (laterally). I'm having a Calfee Tandem built right now after checking out all high-end tandem options including Ti.
The ride was close between a Seven and the Calfee, but both were noticeably more comfortable than the steel and Aluminum bike we tested.