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One-legged drills(2 posts)

One-legged drillsMarlon
Jun 28, 2001 2:20 PM
I was flipping through a couple of old issues of Bicycling when I found an article on one-legged cycling, and I've gotten back to doing a few sets of 1-minute intervals per leg whenever I go out on a ride (after I warm up of course). Does anyone have any experience or tips on doing such one-legged drills? Any ways to maximize benefits?

I've noticed since doing the drills that I've been forcing myself to relax my arms and hands on the hoods. Going over bumps with stiff arms and one leg in the pedals really hurts the twig and berries...
re: One-legged drillsQUADzilla
Jun 28, 2001 2:33 PM
I do these quite often also ! A really great way to improve your spin. You really notice any dead spots in your stroke this way, and does make you quite a bit stronger. I do mine on a slight uphill about 1.5 miles long....great burn !! I just swing one leg out and brace it against the seatstay.
I've never had the problem with the twig and berries though...

Funny about the back issues ... I also keep quite a few issues next to my porcilin queen..I always manage to find something new...