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wheel rentals?(9 posts)

wheel rentals?ColnagoFE
Jun 28, 2001 2:05 PM
maybe a dumb question but does anyone know if shops ever RENT race wheels? I'd love to have a set of lightweight wheels (Nucleons/Ksyriums) for the odd race or so, but hate to part with the cash to own them.
How about some SpoxMaillot Rouge
Jun 28, 2001 2:30 PM
I'll sell you my Spox cheap. $150

need campy 10 compatibleColnagoFE
Jun 28, 2001 2:50 PM
Assuming yours are for shimano. was thinking ksyriums or campy nucleons...can get them new for about $500US from one of those Irish mailorder places, but am in the middle of selling our old house so I have to wait to see if there is any cash left over after that is done first.
re: wheel rentals?Peetey
Jun 28, 2001 4:54 PM
I heard that some manufacturers were giving demos at Ride the Rockies. You might want to try Wheatridge Cyclery. I am looking for a new frame and they are very liberal with their test ride policy. Maybe for the right price ...
yup...have done thatColnagoFE
Jun 29, 2001 8:31 AM
on ride the rockies...demoed some ksyriums. i think i may just have excel build me some wheels. don't know how they can make them that cheap. i had a local shop quote me $600 for wheels that would be around $400 complete w/ cassette from excel. can get nucleons or ksyriums from the irish mailorder places for about $550US, but then you gotta pay another $50 for shipping, $25 duty tax, and then another $70 or so for a campy 10 cassette for a grand total of about $700 by the time you're through with it.
yup...have done thatTed
Jun 29, 2001 9:32 AM
Shipping is only $30 us from and kysriums or nucs are only $540.00. Thats much much cheaper than I can get here and they are exellent racing wheels.

did you pay the duty tax too?ColnagoFE
Jun 29, 2001 10:37 AM says it's another $25 a wheelset.
re: wheel rentals?TJeanloz
Jun 29, 2001 10:04 AM
Our shop used to rent wheels, but now that race wheels have gotten SO expensive and SO delicate, it's hardly worth the risk. Unless we could find some fancy insurance policy, think about what we'd need in the way of assurance that they would come back in one piece. We had a pair of LEW Sydneys that we were considering renting out, but the economics just wouldn't work- if a renter crashed one, it was a $500 repair- so the rent would have had to be in the $300 a use range. And they still would need to be safely rented ~5 times to recoup the investment.

Furthermore, since the days of the freewheel are gone, rear wheels are too specific to bikes to have just one pair of rental wheels- you'd need at least three (Campy 9/10, Campy 8, Shimano9).
Jun 29, 2001 10:51 AM
That pretty much answers my question about renting. Looks like I need to cough up the dough for a new wheelset. By the way...I just sent you a email message at your hotmail account about LC building up a set of wheels.