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Foot pain--why?(4 posts)

Foot pain--why?bif-o-rama
Jun 28, 2001 9:41 AM
When I puchased a NEW road bike, I switched to REAL road shoes and pedals and now have TRUE discomfort: my toes go numb and I get pain under the pedal when I pedal hard for any period of time.

The new setup is Ultegra pedals and Carnac shoes. Previously, I would swap my my MTB setup--Yuhas and Time A.T.A.C.s--on to my old road bike (and never had any pain, ever).

Part of the problem may be the Q-factor: my feet slid to the outside on my A.T.A.C.s, but are locked in close on the Ultegra. Do I need seach out different pedals?

Is it just a break in problem? I have about 300 miles on the new pedals and shoes. (The Carnacs are wide in the toes, so I have plenty of room.)

Anyone had a similar problem? Anyone solved it?


My Experiencegrz mnky
Jun 28, 2001 11:46 AM
Had similar problems a few years ago. MTB shoes/pedals were fine, but the road setup was a terrible. Ultimately it came down to the fact that road shoes are very stiff and lock your foot into the shape of the shoe - regardless of any consideration for your foot. I'm an over-pronator and there is about 5 to 7 degrees of "twist" in my feet. Seeing a foot doc (podaitrist) and getting molds and custom orthotics to address my problem really helped. I now run the orthotics in my road shoes and sometimes the MTB shoes (the new ones are stiffer).

I'd suggest you see a foot doc who is "sports oriented". Some how you're cutting off blood supply and/or nerves. Continuing with this problem is not only uncomfortable, you will ultimately do damage that gets harder to correct the longer you go.
re: Foot pain--why?LC
Jun 28, 2001 1:04 PM
"Pain under the pedal"? Best solution is to learn to pedal smoother. The only time you should put a lot of weight on the pedals is when your standing.
re: Foot pain--why?Lazy
Jun 28, 2001 1:17 PM
I have found that when I get "hot spots" or other foot discomfort that the usual culprit is a degradation in my pedaling form. This can be due to tiredness or just plain spacing out on the scenery or something. When I'm not paying attention I tend to put too much weight on the pedals (as LC suggests) and my knees will point outwards further than they should.

My technique for fixing the problem is to concentrate on my knees. If I keep them in it seems to force me to spin better. I have noticed that when my knees are directly above my pedals/feet, it feels like they're pinched inwards.