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Too much drinking?(17 posts)

Too much drinking?look271
Jun 27, 2001 8:40 PM
Opinions please! I have been riding now for, well, at least 9 years. When I ride, no matter what I drink, I'll use at least 2 BIG (30 oz.) h20 bottles in a 2.5 hr ride. After that, I'd better be close to home or a mini-market. I drink alot during the course of a day as well. I notice that on group rides, no one else is drinking as much as me. Am I the only one who is well-hydrated or do I need to seek medical advice? No, I'm not diabetic (as far as I know.....). Thanks in advance. I would really hate to take a camel-back. They're too hot and a p-i-t-a to clean.
re: Too much drinking?peloton
Jun 27, 2001 8:48 PM
That isn't an abnormal amount to drink during a ride of that time. Your body can sweat out an enormous amount of fluid during periods of exertion. I suspect that your riding buddies just don't stay hydrated well enough. Don't worry about it, just stay hydrated. Most people don't.
Jun 27, 2001 9:19 PM
re: Too much drinking?QUADzilla
Jun 27, 2001 9:51 PM
Somewhere I once read to weigh yourself before & after a ride to see how much fluid you lost (or failed to replenish). I believe that water is 8 pounds/gallon. I usually do about a bottle every 20 miles. I've run out already far from civilization & it does suck if you're alone. I find that I drink more alone, and less when I'm in a group because I don't want to break rythm. I have used my camelback if I go exploring off my usual routes though... rather be safe than sorry.
I've got a buddy who doesn't drink...WadeOmatic
Jun 27, 2001 9:52 PM
at all compared to what i guzzle. Yet he is able to urinate at the end of the ride. His body is a bit different.

I drink a lot and pour sweat--cleans the system real good.

I'd rather drink too much than try to cut back.
re: Too much drinking?mike mcmahon
Jun 27, 2001 10:09 PM
Obviously everyone is different. I'm more like Wade's buddy who doesn't drink much. Only on the hottest days do I take two water bottles, and even then only on rides over 3 hours. It's not uncommon for me to do a 60 mile ride in 90 degree weather and not even finish one 20 oz. bottle. However, I drink lots of water off the bike. I keep a 32 ounce water bottle at my desk and typically fill it five or six times a day. I never have problems with dehydration on the bike. If you're not drink a lot of water off the bike, you may want to start.
I apologize for my oversight and grammarmike mcmahon
Jun 27, 2001 10:23 PM
First, I looked at your message again and noticed that you mentioned that you do drink a lot of water off the bike. Oh well; I should have read more carefully the first time. Next, I noticed that I said "If you're not drink a lot of water off the bike, you may want to start." Another nice one. Not only did I suggest that you do what you're already doing, I suggested in in Neanderthal fashion. I'm going to sleep now.
Ah, but you always have good manners!rollo tommassi
Jun 28, 2001 7:51 AM
sounds like you do need some rest, Mike, or what is it exactly that you're drinking 'if you're not drink a lot...'??
Ah, but you always have good manners!mike mcmahon
Jun 28, 2001 7:57 AM
Why thank you. That message was even more frightening when I read it this morning after getting some sleep. I sounded like Otis Campbell.
sounds about rightDutchy
Jun 27, 2001 11:29 PM
I drink a similar amount as yourself. About 1 750ml/25oz? bottle for every 40kms/25miles, in the warmer weather. In winter it's about 1 bottle every 50kms/31miles. There is definitely peer pressure on group rides to drink as little as possible. "yeah, I rode a century on half a bottle of water in 100 degree heat" a lot of guys like to brag about how little water they use, like it's some sort of achievement. BFD! Drink as much as your body tells you to. A LBS guy told me that he often rides 100kms/60miles of hills on one bottle of water. Again Big Deal. The guys that drink very little are probably "weight weenies" always worried about that extra 750grams. Pro's drink about 6-8 bottles on 200kms/125miles rides in warm weather. CHEERS.
Jun 28, 2001 2:59 AM
Anything over about an hour and a half in all but the coldest weather I drink like a fish. Below that, I just get by on pre-hydration and a bottle, and a drink when I get off. If you are working hard, you just can't drink too much - the worst that can happen is that you pee a lot as you flush the rubbish our of your system.
re: Too much drinking?LLSmith
Jun 28, 2001 3:39 AM
Most of my rides are early morning this time of year. When the humidity is low(below 75%) and the temp is 75 or less I will drink about 12 ounces per hour.When temp and humidity are above 80 it goes up to 24-30 ounces per hour.I don't drink because I am thirsty all the time. I just need to replace what I am sweating out.
re: Too much drinking?MikeC
Jun 28, 2001 6:58 AM
Your hydration need is also related to your diet. If you're carboloading (particularly on gel, or something else that loads you up fast), you're going to need more water.
Enough drinking?Velocipedio
Jun 28, 2001 8:21 AM
Sunds like you're doing the right thing, actually. Most people don't drink nearly enough on rides, and they pay for it later with cramps and other nasty effects. My advice would be to drink as much as you want to drink, the rest of the riders be damned. FWIW, I go through a little more water -- about a litre an hour, maybe slightly less, maybe slightly more -- during a typical ride on a 30C day.
Jun 28, 2001 10:26 AM
I read somewhere (here perhaps?) that you should drink one 21oz bottle of water per hour. The only time I drink that much is when the temperature gets real hot (pushing 100). Otherwise 21 oz is enough to get me through a two hour ride. One mistake I keep on making is not carrying enough water. I'll pack one bottle, then I'll decide to stretch my ride a little longer and I'm low. In the summer it's not so much a problem as I pass a couple of schools that have water fountains, during the school year I'm screwed.
It gets hot here in the foothills during July and August and I've got into the habit of drinking a lot of water all day long. I have a glass that holds 20 oz and I'll have it next to me and take a sip every now and then.
I got into a bad habit of drinking Coke, Dr Pepper and other cola drinks and I started to feel like heck (headaches, fatique) and I did away with the soft drinks for one day and the side effects went away. Sometimes I even packed deluted coke in one of my bottles.

So answering your question, no you are not drinking too much water.
Your'e doing exactly what I should be doing. Good old H2o, that's what the body needs. Keep hydrated all day long, before and after your rides.
re: Too much drinking?JL
Jun 28, 2001 12:44 PM
Hey Look271,
I think you helped me when I was having "Dizziness" issues in the Spring. Turns out I wasn't well hydrated (after stress tests, check up, etc.) I wondered about the diabetic thing too, but passed a physical A+.

Conclusion from the cardiologist & Dr. was not enough hydration. Now, unless I really push too far, I don't have any problems on my morning rides. I drink a lot more now than I did, and I'm more conscious of drinking before bedtime. Do what your body tells you, and drink before it tells you to. Everyone is different, so if you need to drink more than others, do so.

Good luck and stay hydrated.

John L. (from Malvern, PA)

P.S. Did you do the Dream Ride through Lancaster?
Hi John!look271
Jun 28, 2001 2:24 PM
Nope; didn't. Couldn't. Conflicts with my wife's work schedule. Good think. It poured almost all or most of that day. That would've really s#$cked. Not sure what's the next century that I'm going to do, but I'll definately be doing the Capital century sponsored by the Harrisburg bike club. Sept 16th. A really good route, and good food afterwards. Link:

Glad you're doing ok and thanks for the advice.