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1990 Trek 2300(4 posts)

1990 Trek 2300Vimalakirti
Jun 26, 2001 6:46 PM
I just got off the phone with someone who is trying to sell a used Trek 2300. He's not sure, but he says that the bike is about 11 years old and has been sitting in his closet this whole time. Back then, the Trek 2300 was a carbon frame, not aluminum. My question: should I buy this bike? He's asking $750. I'm new to cycling, and don't know what I should be looking for. Will I have to update a lot of the components on this bike? If the bike has more miles on it than he claims, do I have to worry that the carbon frame is breaking down? What sort of things should I be paying attention to when I go to see this bike tomorrow?

re: 1990 Trek 2300KStone
Jun 26, 2001 7:16 PM
A Trek 2300 has 3 main tubes of carbon with seat and chain stays of aluminum. A somewhat mixed bag of comfort and the wrong places by todays standards.
The al. tubes give the 2300 a harsh ride over road bumps as the jolts transfer directly to the seat. The carbon main tubes, with al. 'lugs', make the frame somewhat flexy in the BB area, when standing or sprinting.
Also this bike came with an aluminum fork adding to the harshness over most 'modern' bikes equipped with a cf fork.
Most 2300s were sold with Ultegra 8 speed STI groupo.
Yes, I actaully owned and rode one.
Good Luck, KStone
re: 1990 Trek 2300Deacon Don
Jun 26, 2001 8:11 PM
Sounds a bit pricey. Friend of mine just picked up a 1998 2300 with combination 105 and RSX, 8 speed STI, not sure about the wheels. Total cost $650 from a LBS that deals in new and used equipment.

Main things to check: Size!!! Make sure you know what size you are looking for. Also, components - I recommend minimum 105 (some RSX would be okay). 8 speed? What type of wheels?

Check out ebay (TREK bike) - should give you a feel for what prices are running. I'd spend a little more time shopping if I were you.

BTW, my first used bike was a 1996 Trek 2100 with same carbon/Al set up. Got it for $375 (a steal). One of best purchases of my life...

Good luck.
I had a 94 I think....johnrg
Jun 26, 2001 11:29 PM
with 105 components. Frame was plain grey with chrome lugs/seat stays. While the bike, in general riding, was fine the fork was absolutely the worst for fast downhills or bumpy roads. It would set up a bad wobble and just was not confidence inspiring. I would always back off while friends would go flying ahead. Eventually Trek added a carbon fork. The fork just flexed and so I don't recommend it because of that. I paid $1300 new. If you did buy it the components may be old and needing updates. Again I would find a newer model bike with a better fork.