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Velocity AeroHead rims...(5 posts)

Velocity AeroHead rims...BudhaSlug
Jun 26, 2001 3:20 PM
I'm considering rebuilding my road wheels with some velocity aerohead rims (32hole), replacing the current Ritchey Aero Road rims. (current lacing is radial front and 3x/1x rear to campy 8spd athena low flange hubs). Anyone have input on how strong these rims are? I only weigh 140lb, but I'm going to be doing a 600 mile tour on the bike (my legs aren't in shape to take the fixee) and will be carrying about 20-25lbs of gear. The ritchey rims are in pretty good shape, and have held up for the 6 months or so I've had them, but I'm tempted to relace the wheels anyway (I used 15g spokes when I built these, and after just breaking one seemingly at random, I'm not trusting them too much). The new wheels would be laced radial front and 3x/2x rear most likely. I'm trying to justify the $60 for the rims that it will cost me ($40 for black DT 14/15 spokes, but thats what I'd use just for the relacing as well).

Thanks for any input,
Peace and Light,
re: Velocity AeroHead rims...(with AC hubs)12x23
Jun 26, 2001 3:49 PM
I have these built by American Classic with AC hubs and Wheelsmith XL spokes, 28F/32R. The wheelset weighs 1427 grams. Spokes are radial in front, and radial-drive/3x-nondrive in the rear. I have about 900 miles on them and they are still about perfect. I'm a portly 148 lbs right now.
re: Velocity AeroHead rims...d_hawkins
Jun 26, 2001 7:06 PM
I have the AeroHead rims traditionally laced to Daytona hubs with DT 14/15 spokes and I weigh about 200 lbs. Currently have over 2000 miles on the wheels and the rims are still in good shape. I would say that you should be happy with their performance since I weigh more than you and your gear combined.

re: Velocity AeroHead rims...Jofa
Jun 27, 2001 7:43 AM
I wouldn't worry about changing anything. 600 miles isn't so far- general riding could easily tot up this much in two weeks... I often won't get around to lubing my chain in that time let alone rebuilding the wheels. The reason you broke the spoke is possibly, as you say, the fact that it is a straight 15 guage, and more likely due to improper stress-relieving; when new rims are required, a rebuild on 14/15 swaged would be a good idea, but I'd expect that to be a good few thousand miles away. The weakest point of your front wheel currently is the hub flange, due to the radial spoking, but you can't do a lot about this save buy a new hub.
Pop some spare spokes in your pocket and a wrench, just in case any others want to follow the trend- though they most likely won't- , and enjoy the ride...
duct tapecyclopathic
Jun 27, 2001 11:12 AM
to fork/chainstays, works for me