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Riding in Southern California-salt and sand(8 posts)

Riding in Southern California-salt and sandDave Hickey
Jun 26, 2001 7:00 AM
I have business in LA next week and I'll be taking my bike. Most of my riding will be on the strand. Alot of sand and salt. Do riders take extra precautions when riding near the beach? I'm not taking my good bike but I don't want it to get too trashed.
re: Riding in Southern California-salt and sandmr_spin
Jun 26, 2001 9:27 AM
Extra precaution would be don't ride the strand on a summer day or the weekend! Especially the sections in Venice and Hermosa. It's the most chaotic trail imaginable--no one has any clue where they are going. I used to live in Venice and would only do it before 9am. Venice at least has a carnival atmosphere, but Hermosa is just crowded. You can avoid the Hermosa part by going a block up and riding the street for a bit.

Still, it's a fun ride. The path goes from to South Torrance to past Will Rogers State Beach, which is 11-12 miles, so you could get 24 miles in by doing it end to end.

Don't worry about sand and salt. You'll only pick up enough sand to worry about if you take a spill! And you won't be there long enough to worry about salty air.

There's one part in Marina del Rey where you come to a signaled street crossing, which I think is Admiralty Way. Don't run it! There is usually a cop who makes his living ticketing cyclists here.

Also, while riding through Venice, you might want to take a detour to see the the canals. I hear they've been fixed up.
re: Riding in Southern California-salt and sandDavid Feldman
Jun 26, 2001 9:31 AM
It's been a few years since I've done this (used to live there, don't anymore, S CA that is) but Palos Verdes Peninsula, at the south end of all the beach towns along the STrand, is good riding too. The Strand is fine if you want to get taken out by rollerbladers.
Please...Bruno S
Jun 26, 2001 9:54 AM
I ride next to the beach all the time. I live in San Diego. Salt tends to accumulate on the bike, specially on the spokes and nipples. All my steel screws started rusting after two weeks I bought the bike. My mtb is an experiment in corrosion since it has been outside for years and it get direct breeze from the sea. I believe even the aluminium parts are starting to rust now. If I do not clean it often small icecles made of salt form on it. Even with all this, both bikes continue to work fine. I would not worry about salt or sand. Most people around here expose their bikes constanly to them. Just clean it well when you get back. Now, you will not be able to ride very fast on the strand because there is a lot of people running, rollerblading, biking slowly, there are kids, etc. If you have time, drive to San Clemente and ride in Camp Pendelton. There is a road that is closed to traffic that is an excelent ride, no stops or signals for miles. Just take a picture ID to go into the camp. You will find a lot of roadies training there.
Please...David Feldman
Jun 26, 2001 10:24 AM
It's also a USMC driver training road, or used to be! I once was rolling through there, came over a little hill, and saw driving the other way a group of tanks and half-tracks led by a jeep bearing flashing yellow lights and a big sign that said "Caution, Student Driver Following!"
re: Riding in Southern California-salt and sandLardog
Jun 26, 2001 10:12 AM
I lived in Playa, Manhattan, Hermosa for about 10 years and rode 3/4 days per week all over the area. If you're in town for a short vacation or business dealy, you have nothing to worry about. In all that time nothing except the bottle cage screws on my bike rusted. I kept it very clean all the time.

Don't plan on any sort of serious riding at all if you do the strand. There is lots of sand and some curvy sections so even if you do go out early, like 6am, which I used to do, the turns and sand keep your speeds under 20 typically. It's a fun ride if you do it for pleasure.
Thanks for the infoDave Hickey
Jun 26, 2001 1:19 PM
Thanks to all that replied. I'm going ride early in the mornings so hopefully the strand won't be too bad
group training ridesbestT
Jun 26, 2001 1:50 PM
there are fast training rides that leave from the manhattan beach pier @6:30 am on tuesday and thursday mornings. about 30 miles, with some intervals >30mph. gets back about 8:15 - 8:30. also great rides on the weekends.