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R2000si over Trek 5200(3 posts)

R2000si over Trek 5200Mabero
Jun 26, 2001 6:32 AM
Thanks everyone for replying to my topic yesterday over my decision. I am 95% sure I am buying the Cannondale R2000si. After looking at the Geometries a little closer and finding out here that Trek measures from the top of the tube, I would be better suited on the 63cm Canny. I had a hard time in noticing the stem to saddle difference cause I am currently riding on a 58cm (no knowledge of bikes = wants a road bike = picking a bad shop = sold a bad size) considering I am 6 foot 3. Thanks again everyone.

Matthew Beauregard
re: R2000si over Trek 5200campyguy
Jun 26, 2001 12:21 PM
Make sure that you are looking at the geometry charts correctly! I ride a CDale 58, and it fits very well. I am also 6'3". The reason for this is that the seat tube is actually 60.7cm! This measurement is not to the top of the seat tube where the locking collar is, but to the top of where the top tube and seat tube join. Take a look!

I wouldn't recommend a cdale 63 for your height at all! That thing's got a 65.7cm seat tube. Make sure you are going to test ride one first. That'll tell you a lot more than a geo chart.

Hope this helps.
Congratulations !Crash
Jun 26, 2001 2:53 PM
Like I said yesterday, they are both great bikes, but I'm sure you will love the R2000si ! One last note though, Cannondale is famous for coming out with their new model year bikes really early (if you look at their website they already have some 2002 models posted), see if your Cannondale dealer can give you the info on the 2002 model. I don't think anything major is being changed, but it might be nice to know ! And you might get a little better price if the 2002 models are already out.