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Spinergy Rev-X wheel problems?(9 posts)

Spinergy Rev-X wheel problems?Andy
Jun 25, 2001 2:18 PM
I was considering the purchase of a set of Spinergy Rev-X wheels for a time trial bike. Several people that reviewed these wheels mentioned a web site that contained information on cyclists that had experienced catastrophic failures of their Rev-X wheels.

Where is this web site?

Anybody have any personal experience with these wheels?
re: Spinergy Rev-X wheel problems?Eddy
Jun 25, 2001 2:43 PM
I have owned these wheels for 3 years. No problems at all, The website is a fluke. There is no real names nor proof even law suites. The company would have been shut down!!!! Get the wheels they are great.... Hope this helps.............
re: Spinergy Rev-X wheel problems?Lone Gunman
Jun 25, 2001 3:01 PM
I have heard the same information, however the dubious nature of some of the crackhead info out on the web i would not trust. With the advancement in wheels in the last few seasons, Spinergy wheels are heavy. Another trend I spotted is that they are not offered by some mailorder co's any longer. I have ridden with people with the Spins and I thought they were noisy (fan noise and clacking over rough pavement) Maybe a bad set, but I have heard of them breaking at the hub.
re: Spinergy Rev-X wheel problems?QUADzilla
Jun 25, 2001 3:14 PM
I've had a rear spinergy for about 5 years now with about 20k miles on it. Still straight, never had a problem. I never even re-greased the rear hub. I've had this thing through pot holes and many, many railroad crossings. It has taken a beating and still looks like new. I'm also 235 lbs !!! I saw that web site also. Scared me at first, but there is a lot of hokey out there.
I've had good luck with thempmf
Jun 25, 2001 3:23 PM
Had a pair for 5 years now. I don't use them a lot however. They are a bit heavy, subject to cross wind chatter and don't corner great. The first two problems exist with all deep dish wheels. They do have a nice, plush ride. If I'm doing a long, flat ride, they're great to have.

I can't get over what they cost these days. Colorado Cyclist has them for $1000/set. I think I paid $550 for mine new several years ago. I crashed the rear and it was replaced for $250 by Spinergy 2-3 years ago. For that much money, I'd go for the Zipp wheels instead. They're much lighter.
my Rev-X breakage story (kinda long!)IAmtnbikr
Jun 25, 2001 8:01 PM
Yes, I stumbled on this site by accident. I can't fine the URL, I'm sure someone has it, or search for "Spinergy Accident Reports" and you'll find it. I'd bought a set of Rev-X's in 1996. They went on my Trek hybrid, and were used for commuting, and last year pulling our daughter's Burley. Never were beat upon, and they had big (and I mean BIG) Panaracer Smoke Crossfire 45c tires on them. Plus the bike had a suspension fork, one I built, using parts from an OEM Manitou 700c, and a Manitou EFC. So the shock load on the wheels was far less than a skinny-tired road bike in my view. Total miles on them was under 1K. After buying a new 2001 Raleigh R700, I thought I'd put the Spinergy's on that, and put the Shimano R-535's on the Trek. That was when I found the website. I was maybe skeptical too, then I looked closely at my wheelset. My jaw dropped when I discovered two cracks eminating from rivets on one front blade, and extending about an inch toward the hub. To make a long story short, Larry at Spinergy was quite helpful. I ended up getting a set of Xaero's through their crash/upgrade program, which basically means you give up your old/broken stuff to your LBS who then sends them to Spinergy, and you get about 40% off list for any new Spinergy wheelset, or individual wheel. I opted for the spoked wheels for the simple fact they are lighter, and I figured my aluminum-framed Raleigh would ride nicer, which it does. It only took a week and a half to complete the swapout, which Spinergy states MUST be done through a bike shop. See my post on Rev-X's for more information. Yes, many think this wheel breakage is a hoax, but the truth is they SOMETIMES fail, and when they do, it ain't pretty. Should any of you non-believers feel this is not true, call my LBS, Europa Cycle & Ski, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Check their website, Ask Russ or Vance if you doubt me. I found no humor in thinking what may have happened when screaming down a local 8% grade pulling my 2-year-old in her Burley. All I can say is, you are fortunate if no trouble arises, and CHECK YOUR WHEELS! This in NO BS!
Website locationzelig1
Jun 26, 2001 6:36 AM
I've had a pair of extralite's for tubs since 1998 and have experienced no problems. I've been to the site and read the stories. I have no doubt that they're true. However, that doesn't stop me from riding on mine nor does it cause concern about catastrophic failure. CF does not generally fail unless the resin bonding the fiber cracks, dissolves, etc. The area where the rivets are, as noted, should be inspected regularly as well as the rest of the rim and spokes for signs of stress. I did read a story in Cycling +, a UK rag, where the rim split along its vertical axis due to tire pressure. I assume it was a clincher as the tire in the tub version just sits on top of the aluminum rim surface.

These wheels have good and bad points, the latter for me being their sensitivity to winds, but I do enjoy the ride.

these wheels are total junkGWB
Jun 26, 2001 8:01 AM
Coming from experience Spinergy puts out garbage for the money. Talk to any shops that ever sold the Rev X. They probably had to send back at least half b/c they came with problems. Either out of true or round and/or faulty freehubs. The only reason i thing people talk these wheels up is b/c the feel like they have to justify the unreasonable amount of money spent on them. They are totally unsafe wheels to be riding as well. There have been a few article written by material engineers that specialize in CF and they have all condemned the Rev X. It is an accident waiting to happen. B/c there are only four spokes if one fails you'll be lucky to only walk away with a broken collar bone. If you want a quality prebuilt wheel look at Mavic, Campy or even Rolf. Spinergy quality is not in the same league as these other companies.
No problems at all, love themLardog
Jun 26, 2001 10:15 AM
I've had them for about a year. No problems whatsoever, I love them.

I got them for $400 brand new, in box from a LBS.