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Cycling jerseys as streetwear?(50 posts)

Cycling jerseys as streetwear?E3
Jun 25, 2001 9:27 AM
I'm taking my family to DisneyWorld next week, so I'm in the process of planning this ordeal, er uh, excursion.

Instead of lugging around a backpack in the heat and humidity, I'm considering wearing my cycling jerseys. They would seem to be ideal for toting snacks, tissues, water bottles, guidebooks, etc., and would help keep me cool.

Would I look like a fool? Most folks probably wouldn't notice, unless they're cyclists. I'd tell'em that was my Huffy chained to the front gate.
bowling shoes, too?Dog
Jun 25, 2001 9:33 AM
You asked for an opinion, right? I think it would be very functional, but very dorky. IMHO.

bowling shoes, too?Leroy L
Jun 25, 2001 9:36 AM
E3's just trying to embarass his kids !
What if I accessorize with a cycling cap...E3
Jun 25, 2001 9:53 AM
...(Campy , of course) and talk loudly and gesture wildly about my recent race endeavours while I stand in line? I might even name drop a little ("Yeah, Lance and I ....").

Would that cancel out the dorkiness and justify my attire?
OK, but just not the riding shorts...Dog
Jun 25, 2001 9:58 AM
Speak with a German or Italian accent, and no one would think twice about it.

Just don't wear lycra shorts. Disgusting. :-)
no;-]Leroy L
Jun 25, 2001 2:05 PM
only if you speak with an accentEvan
Jul 1, 2001 2:25 PM
You need to speak with Italian, German or French accents to compliment your facial features.

BTW if you go after Le Tour and Lance wins again it will look virtually normal

where a jersey according to your accentbut not a national jersey unless your great.

also where baggy mountain shorts with a liner, socks to match the jersey, a cap with a small extension and always keep the extension down and forward

re: Cycling jerseys as streetwear?Rich Clark
Jun 25, 2001 9:34 AM
My favorite jerseys came from Performance; they're Coolmax, with henley collars, in solid colors. They look just like an ordinary casual henley except for the zipper pocket on the back. I wear them all day frequently, especially in the summer.

There are a lot of nice solid-color cycling jerseys on the market that wouldn't look out of place anywhere a polo shirt would be appropriate, IMO.

re: Cycling jerseys as streetwear? Part IIjagiger
Jun 25, 2001 10:28 AM
Hea, If you're going to risk it...the plain cycle jersey's (coolmax) should do the trick. However, pick a junkie one as you'll probably trash it (the kids'll probaly help in this department too!). A pack may be a better alternative for lugging things around.

Looks like you'll be having "Chevy Chase" type vacation -- enjoy!
that works, but a caveatMarlon
Jun 25, 2001 9:35 AM
I wouldn't becaught dead wearing a euro or a club jersey as streetwear, but yeah, a plain mute coloured jersey would be fine. In fact, on a research trip to Baja California I did about 3 years ago, one girl wore her dark red mtb jersey and loved it - she'd carry her field notes and observations in her back pockets.
Naah - a cravat would be too over the top...(nm)BeauB
Jun 25, 2001 9:47 AM
What is the street equivilant (non-cycling) for a Fred? (NM)Len J
Jun 25, 2001 9:42 AM
What about the Jam?muncher
Jun 25, 2001 9:46 AM
Who can forget shaggy fringed Rickenbacker strumming cult songsmith Paul Weller sporting his championship ringged longsleve jersey whilst fronting seminal tunesters The Jam in the 80s? And he wore bowling shoes. Cult status personified...
All Mod Consmike mcmahon
Jun 25, 2001 10:01 AM
Yeah, that's it. E3 can be the Mod-Dad at Disney with kids in tow. Maybe the family can caravan down there on Vespas. This is starting to bring back bad memories of Southern California Mods riding around on Vespas wearing parkas in 95-degree weather. I couldn't understand why they didn't just ditch the parkas and go for a nice Fred Perry shirt. Is the music talk going to bring Breck back from the land of the missing?
The ORIGINAL--and superb--"Fred." Now, you're talking!boy nigel
Jun 25, 2001 11:11 AM
When in my late teens/early 20s (10 or so years ago), I had quite a collection of those splendid polos. I used to sport my 12-eyelet steel-cap Docs and cuff my jeans a bit, too. Good days.

I actually just (last week) got my first Fred Perry since those days. I tossed my old Freds at some point years ago--probably when I put on some weight--since I'll never weigh 120 again (!). I spied a proper chocolate one with ecru piping and laurels and just HAD to get it. Before I know it, I'll be lots poorer and with a closetful of mod-shirts!!

Thanks for bringing back good memories, Mike. I knew I could count on you! :)

To bring it full circle. . .mike mcmahon
Jun 25, 2001 12:08 PM
here's the link to the Fred Perry web site with Weller in a Fred shirt:
Under "Brand History"->The Carnaby Street Years (nm)mike mcmahon
Jun 25, 2001 12:10 PM
"This is the modern world."E3
Jun 25, 2001 10:09 AM
"What kind of a fool do you think I am..."

Maybe he cycled to improve his lung capacity. Bowling probably strengthened his pickin' arm. This would justify his attire.
Now now - don't "Start".....(nm)muncher
Jun 25, 2001 10:27 AM
What about the Jam?30Hz
Jun 25, 2001 9:00 PM
I'm glad that the Bruce Foxton mullet doo has regained some popularity. It's so fun to see your high school hair style actually come back in style (well, to some anyway).
Say it ain't somike mcmahon
Jun 25, 2001 9:35 PM
Where has it regained popularity? Where I lived, the guys who used to wear mullets now have short hair and goatees. A couple of years ago, I stumble across a web site devoted to the mullet: celebrity mullets (including Billy Ray Cyrus), photos of really out of control mullets, lesbian mullets, and alternate names for the mullet. Some of the names I recall are Kentucky Waterfall, 90/10 (90% in back/10% on top), and Hockey Player Haircut. Not too many people in the public eye are sporting mullets these days, but pitcher Randy Johnson is one glaring exception.
Say it ain't so30Hz
Jun 26, 2001 9:06 AM
Mike Piazza, and hockey. There's this guy around here who's filming an indie movie about a "Manager" who sports a mullet and wears those silk print dress shirts. Yikes.
Forgot about Piazzamike mcmahon
Jun 26, 2001 9:36 AM
When he was with the Dodgers, the team still had a ban on facial hair with the exception of moustaches. Back then, he was wearing that hockey player doo and a bad moustache. I think he's gone with the goatee now.
Not so fast!!Lazy
Jun 26, 2001 11:04 AM
I heard on the radio this AM on the way to work that Piazza has had his hair cut, spiked, and bleached white! I suppose that's the 21st century version of a mullet. Have not personally seen the new do yet.
Sounds about rightmike mcmahon
Jun 26, 2001 11:22 AM
Aren't most guys from Philadelphia about 20 years behind the times when it comes to fashion and hairstyle? ;-)
What about the Jam?David Feldman
Jun 27, 2001 1:32 PM
Take me back, Jack! Always liked those guys; never saw the picture of Weller in the rainbow. I backpack in a long-sleeve wool jersey,
it's a 3-season hiking shirt--or was until one of my dogs adopted it for her bed!
Shania Twainmr_spin
Jun 25, 2001 9:49 AM
Saw a "Behind the Music" episode where she was wearing a Clif Bar jersey. That makes it fashionable, right?
Shania Twain - ok, good topicDog
Jun 25, 2001 10:34 AM
Now there's something to talk about. I'm suprised anyone would actually notice what she's wearing, though...

Does she bike?

Shania Twain - ok, good topicmr_spin
Jun 25, 2001 10:45 AM
The thing was so bright, you couldn't not notice! I don't know if she bikes, but I heard she lives in Switzerland now, so she probably is a climber! Let's go, girls!
Of course I notice what she wearsPaulCL
Jun 25, 2001 11:22 AM
Nothing like a tight cycling jersey on a gorgeous woman! Anything Shania Twain wears is good with me. OK ladies, before YOU say it, I'll say it..."I'm a pig". At least I'll admit it.
Check out Playboy's Extreme Cycling team in Hawaii...vram
Jun 25, 2001 3:32 PM
The most gorgeous peloton on display. They were on TV last night and they looked awesome. This all-women's team is sponsored by PLayboy. They do some serious riding around Hawaii. Anyone seen them?

They just made me reaffirm my committment to the sport of cycling :)
Check out Playboy's Extreme Cycling team in Hawaii...Skip
Jun 25, 2001 11:30 PM
Where did you see this? I live in HI; was it on Oahu, or an outer island? Thanks.
ditto the CamelBak. It's beastly hot, and keeping the littlebill
Jun 25, 2001 4:18 PM
ones hydrated was part of the task. They all thought it was very cool to toke off of Daddy's backpack/water thingie. And no one got dehydrated.
Even my wife, who is actually so fond of calling me a dork that I wonder why she is fond of me at all (and, trust me, I'm both dorkier AND cooler than she is), after sneering initially, decided that the Camelbak was a good idea.
Jul 1, 2001 2:31 PM
wear a courier bag, if uwant water, take the h20 core out of a camelback and throw it in there

(this only works with a timbuck2 or a manhattan portage, not a logo bag)
smashed bananasStarliner
Jun 25, 2001 10:52 AM
If you plan on doing any of the rides where you sit down, the loaded back pockets could get uncomfortable, plus you don't want to smash the bananas you brought along for a snack.

Better to take a pack which you can slip off when you need to.
Bowling Shoes are currently all the ragegonzowest
Jun 25, 2001 11:37 AM
in Tuscany, so it's only a matter of time before they cross the pond. Here's your chance to lead the fashion peleton - they look great in red!

Mickey Mouse jerseytommyb
Jun 25, 2001 12:07 PM
A few years ago, Giordana put out a series of Mickey Mouse jerseys, including a cool red polka dot one. If you're going to Disney, it would appear that would be more than acceptable.
Jul 1, 2001 2:34 PM
thats like wearing the bands tee shirt to a the concert where that band is playing at, STUPID

may the wearer of mickey mouse jersey's get flats
Well, OK then. I'll wear T-shirts.E3
Jun 25, 2001 12:11 PM
Maybe I'll fulfill my "jersey as streetwear" fantasy later this year by wearing one to the air show. There's always plenty of goofy-looking folks there. I'll blend in well.

Of course, if I ride to it (it's 45 miles away), then I'll have an excuse.
Kinda' like the "Regular Guy Look" for roadies>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jun 25, 2001 1:08 PM
Rodney made bowling attire a fashion statement in "Easy Money" so why not the "Cycling Dude Look" for us?

"I couldn't stand kissin' my mother-in-law on the face. But now I'm kissin' her a$$" RD
re: Cycling jerseys as streetwear?MCCL
Jun 25, 2001 1:09 PM
They do rent lockers.
re: Cycling jerseys as streetwear?Kristin
Jun 25, 2001 2:03 PM
It sounds like the only functions you want from the jersey is quick drying and pockets. Someone made a good point above, that the back pockets could be uncomfortable on rides. So here's what I suggest... Go to the local SportMart and pickup some cheap coolmax running shirts. Have your wife (assuming she sews) stitch three pockets on the front of the shirt. Viola!!* (you said dorky doesn't matter right?). Better yet, have her makes some for the kids. Then they can haul thier own water, games, snacks, etc... Bowling shoes can't be had for about buck fifty. Can you run fast? . . . *yes, I know. I'll never be able to spell this word. Its not all bad. It gives the board editors something to do!
Too much trouble.E3
Jun 25, 2001 2:57 PM
I might as well wear'em backwards (and inside out to thwart pickpockets).

My spouse can't sew (or cook). On the June Cleaver to Marilyn Chambers scale, she's somewhere in the middle.
Jun 25, 2001 3:42 PM
I never heard it put that way - that's funny. Actually, I think it's not a 2 way scale, more of a triangle - June Cleaver - Marylin Chambers - Gloria Steinem

This has nothing to do with cycling, but I once heard this story from an 87 year old man about his wife, in her presence: "A good wife is a lady in the parlour, a chef in the kitchen, and a whore in bed." To which the wife responded, "Why Fred (not his real name), you know I can't cook."

I laughed my a.. off!

Memories...Len J
Jun 26, 2001 6:43 AM
I heard the exact same exchange from my conservative Grandfather and Matronly grandmother several years ago. I spewed soda all over the kitchen table, I was laughing so hard. Must have been a comedy gag back in the 30's. LOL

Thanks for the memory.
correction: bowling shoes can be had...Haiku d'état
Jun 25, 2001 3:44 PM
for the price of whatever shoes you wear into the bowling alley.

Don't go to Frisco wearing a Jersey as street wear!!!Canidraftyou
Jun 25, 2001 4:30 PM
LMAO...I would never wear a cycling Jersey as street wear. Everyone has different taste. How about a hip purse, and Cargo Shorts w/pockets on the side, now thats an idea. Going to be a tourist, look like one. Going to be a cyclist, look like one. "If your unable to take the heat stay out, or is that stay in." Thought I would give my thoughts on the subject.

Peace out
Unless it's Texas, don't call it Frisco.Elefantino
Jun 25, 2001 8:02 PM
You could get hurt worse than if you wore a Lampre jersey on Broadway.
I'm refering to San Fansico, Calif.Canidraftyou
Jun 26, 2001 5:14 AM
I call it Frisco, just because I know they hate it. I lived 60 miles east of there for years, they get pissed...LOL. Hell, when mom said stay out of the cookie jar did ya...NOT!
Peace out
Saw the perfect solution on ebaytommyb
Jun 25, 2001 6:48 PM
A while back, someone was selling Hawaiian shirts with back pockets on ebay, listed in the bicycling apparel section. 100% rayon, long-point collars, longer in back. The ultimate anti-roadie-conformist statement. (Unfortunately, I got outbid at the last minute.) Now that would be cool for a trip to Disney.