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Knee Care(9 posts)

Knee CareJohn R.
Jun 25, 2001 6:34 AM
A combination of poor pedaling habits and over-training has led to my first case of chronic knee pain. Not too bad right now, but always there when I ride.

I have checked bike fit and tried to correct my pedal stroke. I am also planning only easy riding for this week. Last night I applied some heat and before my ride this morning I took some Excedrin (aspirin + acetominophen).

What else to do for knee care? I don't want this to get any worse, and I also was planning to start training for a Fall century in 2 weeks.

John R.
re: Knee CareRich Clark
Jun 25, 2001 7:21 AM
With the usual disclaimers about not being a doctor and you shouldn't listen to me...

#1 is to make sure your saddle is back far enough so your kneecap doesn't extend forward of the pedal spindle at the front of the stroke. #2 is to make sure your saddle is the right height.

If you're getting swelling and inflammation, use ice. Get some styrofoam cups, fill with water, freeze. Peel the lip of the cup away from the ice and use the rest of the cup to hold it while you rub your knees with the ice until they're numb. 15 minutes.

Ibuprofen may be better for joint pain than acetominophen.

Finally, stretch! Very important. Ride easy until you're warmed up, then stretch your calves, quads, achilles tendons. Do it again at the end of the ride. never stretch cold muscles. Do this every ride.

Good luck. Knee pain sucks.

re: Knee Carebadabill
Jun 25, 2001 9:16 AM
Best addvice Ive heard. If your not sure on saddle adjustment let a good bike shop help you. You might want to try a set of speedplay pedals, very knee friendly...
re: Knee Careniklas
Jun 26, 2001 12:55 AM
Excellent advice. Yes, use ibuprofen 1x3/day for some 5 days. Small doses are sufficient, but should last at least 3 days before the anti-inflammatory component sets in. Go careful with the ice. It's hard to make a diagnosis such as "iliotibial band" based on the facts you give. If that's what you have, you need to stretch it good. See a doctor if it swells a lot or hurts much. Also pain at rest should lead you to a physician.
Festina lente!
my experience...but, im still looking for an answerishmael
Jun 25, 2001 8:59 AM
i find that spinning (90 plus rpm) and riding even 2 or 3 mph slower than normal helps enough that i still can ride alot and i feel that it is healing...streaching is good but dont do the foot to butt streach because it puts alot of strain on the knee, spread the legs and then drop one knee to the ground and streach the muscle that avoid the pain killers for awhile and see if you can figure out what is helping or hurting the knee...i think the most important thing is to find out what is wrong with the knee, there are alot of different problems possible i have found from searching out my own problem...which brings me to my question for anyone out there who is a doctor or has had the same problem..i seemingly have bands on the outside of my left knee which roll over the area just beside my cap when the leg is extended or bend at certain angles...i was told that i had torn a skin over the knee but i havent been able to find any info about this skin or problem....anyone know anything about aches slightly and started with a slight sharp pain after i had been riding too many miles with my seat too high..
It's your iliotibial band,E3
Jun 25, 2001 9:38 AM
aka the "IT band." There's been plenty of posts here dicussing this problem.

The "Iliotibial Band" will be the name of my band when I become a rock star some day.
It's your iliotibial band,ishmael
Jun 26, 2001 9:20 AM
thanks ...ill look into it...will i learn to walk again, give it to me staight..what should i do..can i ride lightly and have it heal...
re: Knee Careschneiderrd
Jun 25, 2001 2:22 PM
If you don't use pedals with float, you should try some that do. Also try to ride with your saddle as high as you can with out your hips rocking while pedaling. Gear down and maintain a good spin especially on hills. Try getting out of the saddle more on hill also. Finally, why not go to a specialist to see if you have a leg lenght discrepency or need orthotics.
re: Knee CareLone Gunman
Jun 25, 2001 8:54 PM
I read an article from Bicycling that was a few years old that correlates the location of knee pain to a remedy. You don't say where the pain is located or type of pain. I had spring knee last year, an overuse combined with a weak muscle on the inside of the knees by the kneecap, sort of like tendinitis or tennis elbow. A stinging type pain on the front of my kneecap. Remedy was rest, ice, and seated leg lifts with weight on the ankles. Also try some of the icy/hot gel analgesic rubs that have 4% of the active ingredient before riding