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Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!(20 posts)

Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!Matthew Beauregard
Jun 25, 2001 5:42 AM
Hey all! I am in the hunt for a new road bike as we all are in some way or fashion...I have currently have it narrowed down between a Trek 5200 or a Cannondale R1000si (maybe R2000si?) I have test ridden both and both exhibit slightly different behaviors: Canny climbs better and the Trek sprints better (in my opinion). But comfort wise I have no clue...they really feel the same to me...the other thing is this. I am 6'3'' and weight 175lbs. I am sized at at 64cm :( The biggest 5200 is 62cm and the biggest of the Canny is a 63cm. This is my sticklier point of why I can't decide. Both bikes do exactly what I want to do (I think). Suggestions? Comments? I really need help on this decision!
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!Matthew Beauregard
Jun 25, 2001 5:42 AM
In addition what do people think of the CAAD5 vs. OCLV
pick by colorgeezer
Jun 25, 2001 5:49 AM
Go with the one you think looks the best. Honestly....they are both excellent bikes and you won't regret either decision. So, go with the paint scheme/color you like the best and don't look back. If that is not technical enough, then base your decision on the quality of components.
Keep in mind that...PsyDoc
Jun 25, 2001 6:25 AM were sized at a 64cm, assuming you were sized correctly by the shop and it was not simply a cursory "straddling the toptube" kind of fit. Before buying, I think you may want to visit Colorado Cyclist's website on fit and do you own calculations as a check. The URL is: Now, when the worksheet says to "Place a book or carpenter's square between your legs with one edge against the wall, and pull it up firmly into your crotch..." they mean to pull up hard. Basically, you want to measure to the pubic bone. Also, you want to use a book with a 1 1/2" binding or you can use a 2 foot section of an old 2x4.

You probably would not notice a difference between a 64cm and a 63cm bike, but there is a good chance you would notice the difference between a 64cm bike and a 62cm bike. Let us know what you decide.
Keep in mind that...Matthew B.
Jun 25, 2001 6:44 AM
Yeh I am pretty sure of the measurements. I actually have been to that website and have fitted myself at 63cm (according to that page) addition it's a pretty darn good website!
Well, now you have...PsyDoc
Jun 25, 2001 8:26 AM
...a tough decision to make. Sounds like either bike will fit you fine. Now, your decision comes down to your personal preferences, such as colors, components, etc.
Get the TREK [ nm]Leroy L
Jun 25, 2001 7:24 AM
Get the TREK [ nm]Mabero
Jun 25, 2001 8:16 AM
Any reasoning?
Get the TREK [ nm]Leroy L
Jun 25, 2001 9:34 AM
Just personal preference. I like sprints! I like Treks. Actually I thought the post was so subjective, that a definite answer was needed.
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!jagiger
Jun 25, 2001 9:35 AM
To add my two cent, I don't think that I would worry about the sizing, as 1-2 cm less won't make much difference (1 cm equals just .39"). The other thing is that you hear that the pros will size their bikes smaller to get a smaller top tube & less weight, so that can be a wind fall. You can alway change the stem to adjust the reach if needed.

I just got a R2000si ( with the CAAD5 frame. It's an awesome ride & really lite. The CAAD5 provides a pro-level bike ride, and if you have the dough for the dura-ace ....fantasic! Ultegra is good though, I have this setup, which is close to DA at alot less money. DA being more durable & the shifters work a little more precisely.

Everything on my R200si works well together & I enjoy the heck out of it. Actually, I looked at the Trek's too and they are really close. I got a great deal on the Canny so I went for the R2000. Also, I love the look (Smoke Silver wt/black decals), so in the final analysis I went along with the guy who suggested that you go with the look. All things equal, I'd say to get the the thing that you feel is the coolest & will get you pumped, even if it's sitting in the garage.

Enjoy & have a great summer!! "Let the good times roll!"
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!jagiger
Jun 25, 2001 10:33 AM
Reason for choosing R2000si over R1000si?Mabero
Jun 25, 2001 11:01 AM
Was it the full Ultegra that sold the difference? Or the Proton to the Krysium wheels?
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!Crash
Jun 25, 2001 9:48 AM
These are the exact two bikes I ended up choosing between. I ended up going with the R2000si (much closer in price to the 5200 than the R1000si) for the following reasons:
Fit: I'm just under 5'11" and the 56cm R2000si fit me perfect, the 56cm 5200 was too small, and the 58cm just seemed a tad big.
Ride: I really liked the feel of the 5200, but I really thought the R2000si just seemed (to me) pedal better. I also didn't notice a huge difference in the ride harshness between the two bikes, although I weigh right around 200. I was able to spend over an hour on both bikes on varied terrain.
Handling: The 5200 tracks great, but so does the R2000si. I felt very comfortable on both bikes at 35, but at low speeds the R2000si seemed more balanced. The 5200 seemed 'tippy' at low speeds.
Components: They are both Ultegra bikes, but I thought the Ksyriums were nicer wheels than the Rolf comps. Besides that you get Coda with the R2000si, Icon with the 5200.
Looks: I really liked the team yellow R2000si. Classy without a ton of decals. I liked the USPS team color of the 5200, but it had just a few (maybe 20) too many TREK and USPS decals for me. They both come in darker colors but I like to be as visible as possible on the road.
Price: I was able to get a great deal on the R2000si (2199). The best deal I was able to get for the 5200 was (2599).
I will also say that most of my findings are pretty subjective, your results may vary ! That said I've had my R2000si for a couple of weeks and have put 150 miles on it. Virtually no problems and I love the bike more every time I ride it. Both of these bikes are really great, and if you end up liking the 5200 more I'm sure you will be very happy with it, especially if the local Trek dealer is better than the local Cannondale dealer. Either way I think you wil be very pleased !
I bought a 5200Atombomber
Jun 25, 2001 10:13 AM
I settled on the OCLV because of my 'not-a-climber' physique. 6'3, 220# requires a frame of substance. Aluminum was not an option, since I would be wearing out frames faster than razor blades. Titanium would be too expensive to build a bike that wasn't springy at my required size. That left me with cromo as my other option. Columbus MX tubing is not the lightest, and is very harsh to ride on. Nope! I don't need that. So, after deliberating, I went with the Trek 5200 in Graphite. Basically black, with the carbon visible in the right lighting. I couldn't be happier. Super comfortable on the long rides, even with bad paving, yet it sprints and climbs extremely well.

As to sizing, the book in the crotch works to get a starting point, but top tube length is much more critical than seat tube length. Get on a Fit Kit and see what comes out. My friend was 'booked' at 55cm, but after the Fit Kit ended up with a conventional 57x57. Another bud was 'booked' at 58, but Kitted to 57x56. I was 'booked' at 60cm, but Fit Kitted to a 58.5 toptube w/ 120mm stem. Leg, arm and torso length play a huge roll in the fit, not just the legs. I use a 60cm 5200 (tt length 58.5) with the stock 120mm stem. As Ace Ventura would say... " LIKE A GLOVE!"
booked at 63 but formally fitted at 64Mabero
Jun 25, 2001 10:23 AM
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!Andrew
Jun 25, 2001 12:58 PM
I am also trying to decide between these two bikes for my next steed. I was originally leaning toward the Trek, but after a little more research I am starting to think that the Cannondale is the one I want. Both of them come with ultegra so that is not really an issue. The Trek has a lighter frame, but the Cannondale was still lighter overall. I also prefer the Mavic Ksyriums over the Rolf Comp wheels. The Ksyriums are a little more durable from what I have heard (I am not sure which wheel set is lighter). Both bikes are great bikes and I don't think you could go wrong by choosing either of them. Go with the one you think looks best. I like the team yellow of the Cannondale because it is the exact same color as my Cannondale MTB. However, the Smoke Carbon of the Trek is nice looking too. The trek weighed in at around 18.5 pounds with pedals at the shop I was visiting. The Cannondale was about a pound lighter without pedals. I am struggling with this decision too, but I think I will ultimately end up with the Cannondale R2000si. If you decide on the Trek, then see if you can swap the Rolfs for a pair of Ksyriums. You will probably be happier with them.

R2000si vs. Trek 5200Mabero
Jun 25, 2001 1:13 PM
It is a battle between the two...the Rolf wheels are nowhere the Mavic Krysiums as there are actually a little lighter, better all around, and not as harsh. I am leaning toward the Cannondale R2000si, but it is so hard since both bikes have a great current standing. Thanks for input about the Canny actually being slightly lighter...good luck too...
Jun 25, 2001 4:03 PM
Check out the geometry charts. The Trek is measured to the top of the seat tube which makes it about 3cm smaller than the Cannondale. The 62 Trek is about the same as a 60 Cannondale in top tube length and standover height.

If you've been sized to a 64, I'm suprised you didn't notice a lot more stem to saddle height difference on the Trek. The Trek's head tube has got to be a lot shorter than the 209mm C'dale head tube. The head tube length is more critical these days, when using threadless stems. I would be cautious about buying a frame with a short head tube. Lots of steering tube spacers and/or high rise stems aren't pretty.
Yeah come to think of it...Mabero
Jun 26, 2001 6:24 AM
I did notice that...the saddle to the stem difference on the Trek was about 4.5 inches. Why I didn't comment on that or really consider that is that I am currently on a very very very undersized frame (I bought when I knew nothing about road biking and the dealer knew it and sold me) . I should be on a 63cm-ish frame and I am on a 58 inch Bianchi...the stem to saddle difference on that ---> ~7inches.

Ooooo oooo my back!

thanks :)

I pretty much determined I am buying the R2000si.
re: Trek or Cannondale, I need help in making my final decision!RandyMH
Jun 25, 2001 9:53 PM
I just went through the same conflict, and I choose the C'Dale. a lot of my final decision came down to what is offered down the road. C'Dale has a frame trade-in program that allows you to trade in your frame for a new model each year. From what I hear C'Dale is very quick to replace damaged frames also. That's what I used as a deciding factor.
Make sure your fitted right for your bike. I am 6'3 but I'm all legs, everyone assumed I would be at least a 62 but with my shot torso I was stretched out to far, meaning the top bar was too long. Hope this helps.