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Chain Skip...part deaux....the final frontier(6 posts)

Chain Skip...part deaux....the final frontierPaulCL
Jun 24, 2001 3:28 PM
First of all, thanks to all who responde to my 'chain skip' post of last week. I took your advice. Well, here's an update..

My LBS installed a new campy 10spd chain. While I was in there, I had them replace all my cables too (one was almost gone, so I scrapped them all!). From appearance, they felt that my cassette was OK. Regrettfully, I was in such a rush to take the bike, that I didn't have them test ride it first. Oops....

...cause, on my morning ride today, I got some really bad chain skip going up my first hill. So bad, that I had to turn around and go home. Worse than with my old chain.

My test: The 'bad cassette' is a 13/26. I also have a 11/23 that I threw on the hub this afternoon for a quick test ride. No chain skip. I put the 13/26 on an old set of Mavic Open Pros...and I got..guess what?...bad chain skip. The moral to this story is that when you replace the chain, replace the cassette too.

Unless someone has another idea, it sounds to me like I need a new 13/26 cassette. The 11/23 is OK for training and flats, but it kills me in the hills. Besides, I'm heading out to Colorado in a few weeks and I want a 13/26.

Now...where to find a cheap Campy Record cassette. There are three "styles" available: all steel (200g) steel/ti (192g) and all ti (180g)...For a savings of over $45 and $175,respectively, I think I'll go for the steel.
Check the shift lever for the rear der!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jun 24, 2001 5:22 PM
I didn't see the earlier post before reading this one, but you should check the levers before you do anything else. I had the same problem with my Record Ti gruppo when climbing. It turned out that the rear der. shifter was to blame. There is a small spring that puts tension on the wratchet in the lever. This wratchet keeps the cable from pulling the der. back to a smaller gear. The test for this is to pull out on the exposed cable on the down tube going to the der. If you hear the wratchet in the shifter click and let out more cable, the spring lost its usefulness. This is the nice part about Campy. The levers can be rebuilt unlike Shimano. You can try the repair yourself or send it off to you local Campy repair center. It cost me about $40 with shipping.
Tried itPaulCL
Jun 24, 2001 6:59 PM
I moved the chain down one cog into #21. I pulled hard on the cable and I heard the click. But something about this in my situation doesn't make sense...there was chain skip on the 4000-mile-old 13/26 cassette but no chain skip on the new 11/23 cassette. With the 13/26, I didn't have to crank very hard to get the skip. With the 11/23, I really pushed it, without any skip. If what you describe is the cause, wouldn't the chain skip be there on both cassettes??? And wouldn't there be some 'rattling' between gears or upshifting(which I don't have) since the cable wants to loosen?? And am I not putting WAY more force on the cable than the little spring could ever hope to counteract??
More clarification would be appreciated. If there are any other Campy users that have had the same situation, I would appreciate a comment. - see Sheldon's article about...davidl
Jun 24, 2001 7:21 PM
chains in the drivetrain section. Explains what you have described - chain skip on worn cassettes.
Check the shift lever for the rear der!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lone Gunman
Jun 24, 2001 9:08 PM
Nice idea, but what is the guy supposed to ride while his parts get lost at the Campy repair center, for say 6 weeks. Parts break, parts wear out. When they do replace them with new and don't look back. You're not one of these guys that gets an oil change and then doesn't bother to change the filter are you?
Well I'll tell you what I did>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jun 24, 2001 10:00 PM
I road my other bike. I did replace the part that wore out - the spring. Doh! I could have bought a whole new gruppo if I wanted much less a simple shift lever, but that would have been wasteful. I am now happily riding my Colnago with the repaired shift lever - again, something you CAN'T DO WITH SHIMANO. It wasn't lost at the repair center and was returned within a week. And yes, I do have the mechanic replace the filter too. :-)