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Bianchi XL warranty - Please advice(3 posts)

Bianchi XL warranty - Please adviceixiz
Jun 24, 2001 1:38 PM
I purchased about 2 years ago from a store that has since closed a Bianchi XL (aluminum) frame and fork. I am by no means abusive nor race. I weight only 140 lbs and ride a size 55 frame.

The bike started squeking when I ride up hill last Tuesday. And finally replaced the Headset bearing because i thought it was coming from there. The squek did not stop - did an 85 mile hard ride this saturday and while cleaning my bike today. I discovered a crack at the junction of the Seat tube and the Bottom bracket.

CAn anyone please advice what to do and shed some light into warranty of this frame. Its less than two years old.
re: Bianchi XL warranty - Please adviceRich Clark
Jun 24, 2001 2:21 PM
The frame's still gotta be under warranty, doesn't it? Never heard of a name-brand frame with less than five years of coverage. You should be able to go to any Bianchi dealer and have the warranty claim handled, as long as you have proof-of-purchase. BianchiUSA's sit has a dealer locator:

re: Bianchi XL warranty - Please adviceTJeanloz
Jun 25, 2001 10:59 AM
Bianchi is very understanding that these frames do break and will replace it. The difficulty comes in the fact that the dealer you purchased it from has gone out of business. If you have your reciepts, take it to any Bianchi dealer and they will take care of replacement. If you don't have the reciepts, you could be SOL- it depends on how strict the dealer is.