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cyclometer help!!!(3 posts)

cyclometer help!!!Eddy
Jun 24, 2001 11:26 AM
How can I adjust the cyclometer? Its a specialized comp and my wife was driving while I was pacing her , Her average speed was 4 mph lower than my bike average,, How can I conpensate?????
Rollout calibrationRich Clark
Jun 24, 2001 1:09 PM
Too bad you lost the instructions that came with the computer.

You need to determine the true circumference, under load at normal pressure, of your front wheel. Sit on the bike, and place the valve exactly at the 6 o'clock position on flat, level pavement. Mark that point, and still stitting on the bike roll it strainght until the valve is at the bottom again. Mark it, and measure the distance between the two points. In millimeters, that's the number you'll need to enter into the cyclocomp.

"To enter the circumference enter the ODO mode by holding down the FUNCTION button for three seconds. The display will now show the currently selected tire size for wheel option #1. If necescessary scroll through the pre-programmed tire sizes by tapping both the MODE and FUNCTION buttons simultanreously until the display shows a four digit number. This number represents your tire circumference in millimeters. press the MODE button until the flashing digit is correct. Press the FUNCTION button to select the next digit to the right. Repeat until all four digits are entered. Press FUNCTION once tp select it and enter the circumference for wheel option #2. Follow the same procedure to program wheel #2. Tap FUNCTION to exit to odometer mode."

Keep in mind that not all car speedometers are necessarily accurate, either.

Here's the manualRich Clark
Jun 24, 2001 1:17 PM
It's actually for the wireless version, but I believe the programming is the same: