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butted or straight Ti?(3 posts)

butted or straight Ti?fatman
Jun 23, 2001 1:35 PM
Looking at Serotta Concours, Seven Alaris and Moots Vamoots. All ride beautifully. The Serotta has some butted tubes. Is this an issue for heavier riders?
re: butted or straight Ti?tirider
Jun 24, 2001 11:31 AM
I believe it's less an issue of butting than limited tube options on the Concours. I owned one but I'm 6' and only 165lbs... it was stiff enough for me. The problem you may find is that unless you pay for the custom option (and then at that price I'd pay a little more for a Legend) you won't get oversized tubes. On my stock 58cm frame they just used an oversized top tube (which isn't butted) in lieu of the design process on the Legend where undoubtedly all the tubes in the triangle would have been addressed. In short I'd go straight guage in a middle price range off the shelf frame... on a custom the builder can design a butted tubeset to get you the stiffness you need. As a sidenote I sold the Concours (for fit reasons) and got a custom Seven Axiom which I love. The dealer said the ride quility of the Alaris is basically the same minus the gram savings and prestige of the Axiom decals... and you still get custom fitting for the price without the upcharge of the Serotta. One last thing, if you're thinking of a stock Concours in a 58cm or larger frame I didn't like the aesthetics of the over-sized top tube where it was welded to the tapered seat tube. It was somewhat similar in appearance to welding two different ends of a baseball bat together.
Well, actuallyKerry Irons
Jun 24, 2001 7:02 PM
Butting is primarily a means of saving weight, not of changing the ride. You do get a little more resilience out of having thinner middle sections, but mostly you're just removing material and thereby saving weight. Swaging, ovalizing, tapering, changing tube diamters, etc. are the ways that builders can signficantly alter the ride, not butting.