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Has anyone ever tried a short ride completely off the saddle(6 posts)

Has anyone ever tried a short ride completely off the saddleMy2Cents
Jun 22, 2001 9:52 PM
Cindy Whitehead won a 49-mile XC race that waycory
Jun 22, 2001 10:20 PM
Ten or 12 years ago, she broke the post in the first couple of miles, then rode the rest of it standing up and won. Can't remember where it was; maybe Bear Valley.
re: Has anyone ever tried a short ride completely off the saddleDINOSAUR
Jun 23, 2001 8:19 PM
I did once. In the late 70's I had a Viscount. I over tightened the seat clamp while making a saddle adustment while on a ride and I fractured the seat tube. I had to ride about ten miles home standing up. Of course I was a heck of a lot younger then, and I was riding city streets with a lot of stops. Viscount replaced the frame with a used one. Biggest piece of junk I ever owned....
don't try this at homelonefrontranger
Jun 24, 2001 9:09 AM
The seat collar on my old Bridgestone MTB gave way out in the back half of Tar Hollow (Southern Ohio, pretty epic riding) a few years ago. I rode almost 14 miles back, mostly standing up, but desperate enough on the smooth stretches to sit on the top tube. My legs were wrecked for a week afterwards.
I can't resistmike mcmahon
Jun 24, 2001 9:53 PM
After seeing this post sitting here for two days, I have to ask: What's the point of this question? Are you looking for information on whether standing for an entire ride provides a good workout? Are you doing market research for a company that plans to market a saddle-less bike?

BTW, like LFR, I had a mechanical that forced me to stand for much of a ride. My seat post bolt broke and I had to jam my saddle in my jersey pocket and stand for a few miles.
BMX bikelonefrontranger
Jun 25, 2001 9:42 AM
Yeah, it's awful finding out how strong you ain't on a death cruise like that. Sometime after that ride, I bought a $50 used BMX bike and started practicing "seatless" short rides. My skills (such as they aren't) improved quite a bit with the added strength (and finesse) gained from trail riding standing up on a fully rigid single-speed BMX bike. It's amazing what you can clean and how you don't fatigue when you're able to stand for extended periods.

Unfortunately with a garage full of bikes (road, CX, MTB, track, TT, etc...) I don't keep at it enough. Last weekend's 20-mile epic up above the treeline west of Boulder convinced me that I either (a) need a FS rig, which I can't afford due to tying every bit of capital into the Colnago at the moment, or (b) need to get back on the 20" enough that my Klein hardtail is a resort ride in comparison. If I can figure out which box my FF helmet and pads wound up in.