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help, crankarm stuck to bottom bracket(4 posts)

help, crankarm stuck to bottom bracketSpiderman
Jun 22, 2001 8:35 PM
hey guys. Okay, i am stuck. i am stripping my mtn frame to convert into my touring frame for my transamerica trip. I went to pull off the driveside crank arm, but my crank extractor tool stripped the threads off the inside of my crankarm. So i think, i just hit it off with a hammer (the chainrings were ruined anyway). Still, nothing is happening.
I am out of ideas? any suggestions out there? My next step is drilling it off, or cutting the bottom bracket but i would rather not do either of those. Any input would help, thanks guys!
Try to ride it off, then cut the crankcory
Jun 22, 2001 10:24 PM
Everybody says you can ride the bike until it loosens, then just pull it off. Only time it happened to me, I rode for a week and it never moved. If you have to cut, cut the crankarm, not the BB. Slot it all the way to the spindle (it's aluminum, and soft), then pry the slot open with a big screwdriver. You'll save the BB, and the crank is toast anyway.
re: help, crankarm stuck to bottom bracketbinky
Jun 23, 2001 7:42 AM
Snap-on makes a three pronged puller that will usually work in a stiuation like this. If you don't want to buy one, almost any auto mechanic will have one.
re: help, crankarm stuck to bottom bracketsupercorsa
Jun 25, 2001 2:47 AM
bummer dude!

try using a tie rod remover (automotive tool, looks like an oversized pickle fork). just cram it between the crank arm and the bottom bracket shell and beat on the sucker. if that doesn't work you'll have to resort to cutting the crank arm off of the bottom bracket spindle. a hacksaw will work fine, a dremel moto-tool with heavy duty cuttof wheels will be a tad bit easier but unecessary if you don't have one. if you haven't mangned the chainrings and crank arms too much yet you could try riding around a while without the fixing bolt in place and see if you can work the arm loose that way.

good luck, eric