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Colnago C40 painted like a Mercury LeMond(16 posts)

Colnago C40 painted like a Mercury LeMondJ.S.
Jun 22, 2001 10:36 AM
Check out this photo of Pavel Tonkov, not only his he on a C40 painted like a lemond, but he's running Mavics instead of Spinergy's. I wonder if this is a function of the Lemond Mercury breakup? I know Pavel rode a C40 for years with Mapei, probably was very used to this bike and didn't want to change. As far as the Mavics go, who knows?

re: Colnago C40 painted like a Mercury LeMondJay H
Jun 22, 2001 10:51 AM
That happens all over the place, not just Mercury (who split with Lemond recently anyway). I ride a Lemond Zurich...eerrrh I mean mine is a C-40 painted like a Lemond.... yeaaaa, that's the ticket.


Not so much anymore.J.S.
Jun 22, 2001 11:13 AM
In the last few years frame makers have had to put quite large amounts of money and product to sponsor a DIV I team and by that the frame makers demand that all the riders ride their frames, no exceptions. Look at when Alex Zulle went to Banesto, he had been riding Litespeeds for years(Ya, litespeeds are no good, right?)but apparently Pinirello said nope and you will not find a picture of Alex riding a Banesto painted Litespeed any where, I looked and I imagine that goes for his current bike Colnago.
Jun 22, 2001 11:21 AM
good eye. Yup, not so common anymore. I love this kind of stuff. And hey, that's probably a better paint job than you'd normally get with a Colnago. Doh!
not such a good eyenope
Jun 22, 2001 12:32 PM
this was discussed on another forum earlier in the week
Jun 22, 2001 1:15 PM
you were saying...?
And yet moreAnotherRider
Jun 22, 2001 1:44 PM
Like the "Trek" TT bike Lance rode while winning his first tour, or was that a Litespeed, humm.. Must have pissed off Trek pretty good that they spent the kind of cash they claim to develop a new TT frame for last year's tour...
Lance rode a Trek last year(their new bike)J.S.
Jun 22, 2001 1:59 PM
It was in "99" that he rode his Litespeed, the same Litespeed TT bike he'd been riding since "96".
I guess you can't read...AnotherRider
Jun 22, 2001 2:06 PM
that's what I wrote
What? I was looking at Graham Watsons website this morning,J.S.
Jun 22, 2001 2:04 PM
great photos by the way, and initially noticed Pavel was running Mavics and later saw that the fork was not a Reynolds(curved blades) while looking at the fork it seemed to look like a Colnago star and then It fit, C40 like he used to ride at Mapei. What is this mystery forum you speak of?
Zulle was on a Litespeed?mike mcmahon
Jun 23, 2001 7:02 AM
Is that why he crashed so often? ;-) (Flame if you'd like, but I've got no axe to grind in the Litespeed battle.)
Look in 7/98 issue of Cycle Sport . .12x23
Jun 24, 2001 8:05 PM
It is a custom Vortex with the headtube extended even though he is using a quill stem. The bike is decaled Peugeot, but is unpainted ti, has the radial seatstays, and still has the Litespeed titanium tubing decal on the seattube. I don't see any rash on the rear der., saddle, pedals, or bar tape. He probably hasn't ridden it yet. ;-)
What would Greg say to this....Cima Coppi
Jun 22, 2001 10:58 AM
Since La Vie Clair rode on Look frames with the Huffy/Hinault names stamped all over them!! Oh, didn't Pedro Delgado win the TdF on a Pinarello, or was that a look carbon fibre frame with the Pinarello style? What about Greg's Bottecchia in '89?

Shall I continue....
who cares?nm
Jun 22, 2001 10:18 PM
How did you make it out??vram
Jun 22, 2001 10:31 PM
I looked really hard but couldn't tell if it was a C-40. Not that I own a C-40...Other than the carbon fork, are there any distinguishing characteristics that makes you say it is a C-40?

Very much impressed.

Probably the seat stays.JamesT.Kirk
Jun 22, 2001 10:43 PM
Looks like the distinctive Colnago "B Stay". I think. It just looks like a c-40. Somethings you can just sense...