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5 stitches and 2 x-rays later(10 posts)

5 stitches and 2 x-rays laterSpiderman
Jun 22, 2001 9:35 AM
...I am okay, nothing broken. I got into my first wreck yesterday and man man am i sore today. My whole right leg is shiny from creams and ointments on my raw skin. Big blue and black bruises speckle the area around my road rash. The stitches on my elbow are okay, kind of cool looking too. As for my right hand, well that will be okay in a week, for now i guess i won't be able to use my thumb and index finger.
We got some rain over here in New Jersey. I was cruising down an hill at 35 when I can sliding across one of those metal grated bridges that go over little creaks. Well, as i learned yesterday, they are slippery in the rain. That paired with skinny, wet tires, my bike went out from under me.
The whole right side of my bike is dinged up because we slid across metal grating. Brake lever, crankarm, pedal, and the brunt of it went to the rear derailleur. Campy is gonna love me, cause i gotta buy a whole lot of stuff from them.
Just thought i would share my story with you guys, because you are the only ones who can understand my pain. I was very very lucky cause i slid across slick metal, not dry pavement. My wounds were very clean. I know i won't forget my first wreck, anyone else remember their's?
re: 5 stitches and 2 x-rays laterbadabill
Jun 22, 2001 9:44 AM
Chicks dig scars :-) My first spill came on ralroad tracks with much the same results, live and learn. Glad to hear nothing to serious.
It is amazing.........Len J
Jun 22, 2001 9:58 AM
how bulletproof we can feel in a ride. You start out, Oh it's raining I better be careful. The first few miles you are hyper vigilant & hyper-careful. Guess what, no problems. Not even a slight fright. So, being human, you start to push a little (the old"it's not as bad as I thought" rationale). Pretty soon you are moving along pretty good when WHAM. If you are lucky, it's nothing more than a scare (short lock up of rear wheel that you recover from)which makes you cautious again. If you are unlucky, Major fall.

Been there, done that. Hope you heal well & that your Bike is not as bad as it sounds. Many lessons in what we do.
Frame alignmentCima Coppi
Jun 22, 2001 10:02 AM
If the fall was serious enough to cause that much damage to your components, I'd suggest having the frame alignment checked on a frame table. If anything is out of whack, you may be endangering yourself on future rides.

Again, be there, done that...

Good luck, and hope you heal soon

CC it true what they say about shaving your legs and...Haiku d'état
Jun 22, 2001 11:18 AM
cleaning wounds? do tell!

glad to hear you're ok...and back from the brink.
Scars = Nature's Tatoosgrz mnky
Jun 22, 2001 11:28 AM
You're relatively lucky 'cause it could've been worse - not that crashing can ever really be a good thing.

Metal, rubber, and a thin film of water is a great low friction bearing - in fact this is what many US Navy ships use on the strut bearing for the propeller shaft. Metal bridges are the work of Satan.

My first wreck? 4th grade coming home from school, riding on the sidewalk through our little downtown, old guy heads his car across the sidewalk/road for the parking lots behind the stores. He thinks I'm going to stop, and I thinks he's going to stop. Front bumper hits my right thigh and launches me into the side of a stone building, narrowly missing the plate glass window into a jewlery shop. Still have a dent in my leg from the dead tissue.

As soon as you can stand it get to a massage therapist and work out the kinks, tight muscle chords, and adhesions.
re: 5 stitches and 2 x-rays laterCliff Oates
Jun 22, 2001 11:58 AM
first wreck? no, too long ago. worst wreck was last sunday. i got a 33 mile ambulance ride and the orthopedic surgeon used a metal plate with 3 huge screws to put my wrist back together. i don't know how long i'll be off my bike as my first follow-up appointment with the ortho folks is next wednesday. my bike survived with minor damage: new bars, new brifter hoods, and the back wheel is a hair out of true.
re: 5 stitches and 2 x-rays laterGTrider215
Jun 22, 2001 1:42 PM
dood what where u thinking? Going down a Metal bridge while it was wet? u must have either been drunk or alseep or somethign to do somethi like that. well anywayz i hope u feel better.
still recovering from my 1st crash ( last weekend)nn23
Jun 22, 2001 3:19 PM
I had my first crash just last weekend. Just going too fast (considering road conditions and my newbie skill; 25-27mph) on a very twisty downhill road. I over estimated the amt of breaking power of my rear breaks and was unable to slow down sufficiently at the turn. So the bike just decided to keep going straight w/ or without me, I wonder if this qualifies as a "brain fart". Took most of the impact on my right hand palm. luckily I was wearing gloves and came out without a scratch on me and just a few barely noticeable ones on the bike. Although I completed my ride (w/ a very painful wrist) it seems that I may have a broken wrist. The first x-ray came out –ve the 2nd is due next week. I'm scared that if it is indeed a fracture (or a ligament tear etc) I may be off the bike for a couple of months.. Unless I start riding w/ one hand. What do most people here do when down w/ such injuries?

.and yes the fact that I may not be riding for some time is what bothers me more than the discomfort of having one hand in a cast. This is something my friends and family are unable to truly appreciate

I hope I can find a few anwswers to my question above from others others ou here.
You were lucky.look271
Jun 22, 2001 8:46 PM
Those metal grate bridges are really dangerous. They are all over the place here in PA. I've seen several people go down on them and come out a whole lot worse. Broken bones, deep cuts on the chin, etc. If there is ANY possibility that they MIGHT be wet, I walk over them or completely avoid them. I ain't afraid of much, but they scare me. My 1st wreck? Railroad tracks at 25mph, sliding along on my hip, shoulder, and head. Road rash, bruises, the whole sha-bange.