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Bottom bracket - tools and questions(2 posts)

Bottom bracket - tools and questionsMass Biker
Jun 22, 2001 8:50 AM
In my quest to be more self-sufficient (or at least to better understand the inner workings of my bikes), I am thinking of replacing the bottom bracket on my winter bike (currently set up for an old Shimano "Sante" crank) with one that is compatible with a used Ultegra (splined) crank that I picked up as a replacement. What tools do I need for bottom bracket extraction/replacement (I currently have tools for extracting the crankarms, but nothing for the BB itself)?

Thanks - MB
What type of Bottom bracket do you have?Cima Coppi
Jun 22, 2001 9:46 AM
This will help answer the question of what tools are need to extract the cups.

If you have an older "open bearing" BB, you need three tools. You'll need a lockring tool and a pin spanner for the non-drive side, and a fixed cup tool for the drive side.

Beware the removal of the fixed cup. They sometimes seize on the threads, and are extremely difficult to remove. Also, check what the treads are; Italian or English. I think english treads are reverse threaded on the drive side. Look at you new BB to tell.

If you have a sealed cartridge bearing BB, then you may only need one splined cup tool for both sides.

Check out Parks website for a description of the tools for BB's

Good Luck!!