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B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniers(7 posts)

B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniersSpiderman
Jun 21, 2001 5:28 PM
are BOB trailers really good, and are they better than getting panniers and racks? Thanks.
re: B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniersLone Gunman
Jun 21, 2001 7:55 PM
Have you tried either? My thoughts are making the bike heavier by adding all that stuff to it makes me tired. The trailer sounds like a better deal to me.$.02 I know, you still have to haul weight....
B.O.B. TrailerAtombomber
Jun 21, 2001 10:42 PM
The BOB seems to work better because it keeps the weight low. Having panniers make the bike heavier high up, and it feels like more energy is expended keeping it all balanced. Because of the mounting, the BOB also lets the rider ride normally. Nothing gets in the way. Also, if you want to go on a day trip during a trek, you can easily take off the trailer and have a bare bike. I would suggest that you try both options before travelling. And also determine what type of terrain you'll be encountering.
re: B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniersbrokenspoke
Jun 22, 2001 3:43 AM
I have a BOB Yak for my MTB and it the best thing I ever bought. I haven't used it for touring (yet!) but it's spot on for dragging my shopping home from the stores. It doesn't affect the handling too much normally but when heavily loaded (12 2L bottles of mineral water + a week's food) the momentum on turns can catch you out. If you need to get another bike to the LB just take the wheels off sling it in the trailer and prepare for some strange looks! It's amazingly strong and the QR hitch is pure genius. Very simple to get on and off. Takes 5 secs.
re: B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniersLazy
Jun 22, 2001 8:10 AM
File this under FWIW,

In the automobile world, a vehicle can tow much more weight than it can carry. I would assume the same holds true whether the engine is a V8 or a pair of legs.
re: B.O.B. Trailer vs. panniersSpiderman
Jun 22, 2001 9:12 AM
thanks everyone, the information was useful. Reading the adventurecycling article just made me more confused.
re: B.O.B. Trailer vs. pannierssupercorsa
Jun 25, 2001 2:56 AM
BOB trailers are the bomb! a couple of years ago me and 3 of my buds did a 7 day ride from telluride to moab, all using BOBs. they don't take much getting used to riding wise, are stone reliable, and you can carry a ton of gear. you can even ride singletrack towing one. highly recommended.