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Small sidewall bubble on my Conti GP 3000(3 posts)

Small sidewall bubble on my Conti GP 3000Crash
Jun 21, 2001 10:27 AM
Last night I noticed I had a small bubble (about 3/8" around and maybe 1/8" high") on the sidewall of my front Conti GP 3000. I did about an hour on it last night with no problems, and it didn't get any worse. The tire only has 110 miles on it, is this normal or should I plan on replacing the tube / tire soon ? By the way there are no cracks in the sidewall, it looks very contained. If it makes any difference my bike is a Cannondale R2000si with the Mavic Ksyrium wheels, I weigh a little over 200, and I run about 120psi in the tires. Thanks anyone for their advice !
re: I would call Conticyclopathic
Jun 21, 2001 10:47 AM
customer service and demand replacement. Normally company do it under "customer satisfaction" program to avoid bad publicity and keep happy customers /they also afraid to get sued/.

I'd suspect there's damage to cord. most likely it wont cause any trouble, but it might
re: Small sidewall bubble on my Conti GP 3000Greg Taylor
Jun 21, 2001 11:32 AM
Sounds like the casing on the sidewall has failed. I wouldn't ride it. Bubbles in a tire are the Great Bike Spirit's way of telling you to change your tire.

It might not fail, but then again, it might. If it does fail, you will have more than a bubble a tire to worry about...