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Pblm w/Sigma 800 Cordless Computer(3 posts)

Pblm w/Sigma 800 Cordless Computermmaggi
Jun 21, 2001 8:46 AM
Has anyone out there had this problem?

From time to time I get wacky readings re the MPH. Usually, I have to adjust the magnet on the spoke or the sensor on my fork.

Most of the time, the problem is corrected within 5 minutes. Last night (after cleaning my bicycle) it took me about 20 minutes! I just couldn't get an accurate reading.

The magnet that came with the package is not the conventional round disc. It's rectangular in shape.

Could I substitute a round magnet? Would this solve my problem of adjusting it every other ride?

BTW... The batteries (it takes 4 of them) are brand smacking new.
re: Pblm w/Sigma 800 Cordless ComputerKen
Jun 21, 2001 9:09 AM
Had the same problem you are describing. As you, I usually monkied around with the magnet angle in relation to the sensor. Sometimes I would get screwy readings like 'tsp' 110kph! My LBS told me that power lines and sun spots can affect the sensor or receiver. I finally resolved the problem. I replaced the cordless with the corded one. I can live with the wires. Done right you don't even notice them. Save yourself from the frustration. Junk the cordless. I did and am I glad.

Wired and loving itMass Biker
Jun 21, 2001 10:57 AM
I sent out a similar query a few days ago which generated a lot of good feedback ranging from recommendation for Cateye or Performance wireless computers to reverting back to a wired model. Being cheap, I went back to the wired version of the Sigma (since it was what you get along with the wireless "upgrade"). Rode it last night for ~ 50 miles on sometimes uneven pavement and it is reading stuff spot on. No complaints from me, and I can live with the wires. One more thing to consider - if you ever occassionally use aerobars (i.e. for a TT or a long ride, you often end up moving the bike computer to fit the clip-ons onto the handlebar. In this case, the wireless receiver has to be moved, and this might throw its ability to read a signal into question. With a wired computer, you just move the monitor to a different position on the bar (or clip on).

Wireless Sigma Sport = not worth the hassle (for me, anyway).