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Dura-Ace Crank installation(2 posts)

Dura-Ace Crank installationHerrLURP
Jun 20, 2001 12:54 PM
I have a problem, I "properly" installed an Ultegra BB into my frame, and I installed my dura-ace cranks on the BB. IT seemed pretty straightforward, however I noticed that when I spun the crankset, it would kinda "wobble" or "twist" a little. Not sure how to explain it's kinda like those toy tops kids play with. When you spin it, it's not perfectly kinda shakes and wobbles on its axis?? Ok well anyways I thought I maybe seated the crankset wrong. However I've installed it numerous times, and althougH I have reduced the amount of wobble it's still there. Is this normal?
re: Dura-Ace Crank installationgrz mnky
Jun 20, 2001 1:52 PM
First: pull everything apart and look for damage. Once the parts have been tweaked it's difficutl at best to get them to work correctly again.

Unless your received a bad unit or damaged it yourself the problem lies with the installation. the only way to pick up the eceentricy that you mention (assuming the BB spindle is NOT bent) would be for the crank arm to be installed incorrectly. This can happen fairly easily. First you didn't mention square taper BB or splined, but I'm going to assume splined since it's much easier to mess up. If the splines aren't lined up exactly right the crank will not go on all the way. There is a subtle trick that requires a fine sense of feel: you basically tunr the main bolt in by hand while feeling for the splines to drop into the slots. the other way is to use a pin spanner wrench and remove the main crank bolt. Now you should be able to easily slide the crank arm onto the splines _assuming_ that things aren't already damaged. Then reinstall the bolt and the self extracting retaining cap.

Another are to consider is that there are torque specs for both the BB install and the crank bolts. You should use a torque wrench to ensure proper installation. Going by feel can be done, but it is often inaccurate.

Going to the Park website would probably be your best source of info and pictures.