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Opinions on Bianchi Talladega?(3 posts)

Opinions on Bianchi Talladega?Professor K
Jun 20, 2001 12:36 PM
Has anyone tried the Bianchi Talladega? It's new, can't seem to find any reviews online.

I've been using this web page as a way to compare road bikes:

The Talladega seems to be at the right price point for me, and I've been leaning toward steel, and this is the lowest-priced steel bike that has Ultegra components and a carbon aero fork....

Anyway, can't easily find one in my size to test ride. Wondered if this is a bike worth seeking out. Any thoughts?
re: Opinions on Bianchi Talladega?CyCLeTroPiC
Jun 20, 2001 5:09 PM
I also considered the Talla during my new bike search last month. I ended up getting a Lemond Zurich. I felt that the Talla was more "mushy" than the Zurich. Also, I just couldn't take the colors (personal preference). It looked fine in pictures and hanging inside a dark bike shop, but when I took it out for the test ride, I just couldn't see myself on this bike.

Back to the Zurich, I've logged over 200 miles since my purchase and I'm still not disappointed. I payed about $1700. The LBS quoted $1550 for the Talla. Hope that helps.
re: Opinions on Bianchi Talladega?TommyBoy
Jun 21, 2001 10:35 AM
I rode a friend's Talladega and loved it! I don't think it's mushier than the Zurich (my brither owns one of those), but the Zurich is a great bike. You should try it too.