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How do u guyz crash?(23 posts)

How do u guyz crash?GTrider215
Jun 19, 2001 7:44 PM
Hey i was wondering how can u guys crash on a road bike. I meen in races u could prolly hit the back of someones tire and fall, or if its wet out tgen u can slide out but when your riding alone how do u all of a sudden just crash like i hear of some people do?
re: How do u guyz crash?look271
Jun 19, 2001 8:10 PM
Sometimes we just fall over. You know, with those skinny tires, how can you stay up? After all, we roadies don't have near the bike handling skills that you big, strong, macho mountainbikers have.
re: wrongcyclopathic
Jun 20, 2001 11:33 AM
it's like we don't crash on the road too.. maybe we just know how to handle it without whining ;-)

seriously in some cases (oil on wet turn etc) no skill would save you from crash, but it is good to have good crashing skills
CorneringNick C
Jun 19, 2001 9:11 PM
Actually its cus with those skinny tires with no grip on them... we just slide right out of corners like we're on glass. It really sucks cus we can't corner at more than 20 km/h but we fall over at any less than 15 km/h :(
i don usully make it on de bikemike mcmahon
Jun 19, 2001 9:24 PM
mos of de time i fall down on de wey to de garaj befor i eben git on de bike. mebbe das better cuz i not go so fast wen i fall.
Mike...sure glad you're bilingual. (nm)WCC
Jun 19, 2001 10:08 PM
re: How do u guyz crash?Cliff Oates
Jun 20, 2001 4:47 AM
one time, i was cycling very slowly in a parking lot at the 3,000' level on mt. diablo waiting for a few guys to come up the mountain. i apparently slowed enough, and was spaced out enough, to simply lose my balance and fall over. it suprised the heck out of me, and bent my derailleur hanger in the process too. it happens.

forgive the all lower case typing, but i lost it in a turn descending mt. hamilton (first switchback from the summit on the eastern side, if any locals are reading this) last sunday and did a swan dive over the top of my bike. my wrist will now set off airport metal detectors. i hit a switchback going too fast, locked the rear brake, and sent the bike and i flying on a trajectory tangential to the turn.

one-armed cliff
re: How do u guyz crash?Guacamole
Jun 20, 2001 3:12 PM
one time, i was cycling very slowly in a parking lot at the 3,000' level on mt. diablo waiting for a few guys to come up the mountain. i apparently slowed enough, and was spaced out enough, to simply lose my balance and fall over. it suprised the heck out of me, and bent my derailleur hanger in the process too. it happens.

I saw someone do that on Mt. Diablo; maybe it was you. The guy was riding a Waterford--don't remember the color, though.
re: How do u guyz crash?Cliff Oates
Jun 20, 2001 4:23 PM
if it was about a month ago at juniper campground (very cold and cloudy on the mountain that tuesday evening, if i remember correctly), it could very well have been me. i do ride a blue waterford, which survived sunday's crash largely unscathed btw.
re: How do u guyz crash?Guacamole
Jun 21, 2001 12:22 PM
Yep, it could very well have been you. I don't remember the exact details, but I do remember cringing when I saw him/you go down.

How did you crash on Sunday?
re: How do u guyz crash?Cliff Oates
Jun 21, 2001 5:51 PM
the crash on diablo wasn't cringable unless you were feeling my embarassment. i just kind of cruised happily along until i went splut. i laid on the ground for a minute feeling stupid, then got up and got on with it.

we were doing an out and back from livermore out mines road and 130 to the top of hamilton and back again on sunday. i was going a bit too fast when descending hamilton, and i locked my rear brakes when i came into the first switchback on the eastern side. that broke loose the back of my bike and launched me over the top tube. i stuck out my left arm to break my fall, and broke my wrist. it's got extra hardware in there now. an ambulance was already on the mountain as a biker had lost it on a cattle guard earlier, but he needed a helicopter ride to the hospital and not surface transport. i spent sunday evening in surgery. fwiw, my death ride ticket has been sold for cash as of last night.

Almost stopped ...Humma Hah
Jun 20, 2001 7:44 AM
I don't crash at high speed. I've been known to come pretty close, usually due to failing to pay attention and getting a wheel up against a parallel ridge, usually something like dropping off the pavement. I've gotten pretty wobbly, but stayed up.

Usually, I'm too much of a fraidy-cat to take chances at speed. My pileups have mostly been Laugh-In fallovers. The most common cause has been chain derailment, crank failure, handlebar failure, or failure to engage of the rear wheel, while attempting a maximum-effort start.
Almost stopped ...Chas
Jun 20, 2001 8:28 AM
I hear Ya,
Parallel ridge gets me every time.
Usually not paying attention and drop off the shoulder or hit a crack.
I've learned to just go with it and not try and force thew wheel back on the shoulder. I don't know whats worse, road rash or broken bike parts.
Your "common causes" sound painfulPaulCL
Jun 20, 2001 8:45 AM
Crank failure...bye bye manhood
handlebar failure...bye bye teeth

These sound like really ugly causes. My personal experience has been

1. Most common cause: stupidity on my part. Hitting a crack in the road, bumping wheels, etc.
2. Worst: Hitting something. Like a dog. Ouch
Oh, they hurt ...Humma Hah
Jun 20, 2001 2:56 PM
... but not quite how you think. On the singlespeed, the right handlebar would fail UP (I'd be pulling up on it like mad trying to develop maybe 250-300 pounds of pedal force). I'd land hard on my left side.

The crank/drivetrain failures, fortunately, have all be the right side (I'm significantly stronger on my right leg). The bike is usually leaned counter to the pedal being pushed when I'm trying this hard, so my crotch is not directly over the seat and top tube. No crotch pain, but when the foot goes instantly down, I fly off the right side. The last such episode was summer of 99, when I was saved from a concussion by my helmet -- in a 2 mph wreck.
re: How do u guyz crash?Andy M-S
Jun 20, 2001 8:28 AM
I've had only crashed twice on road bikes. The first time was 25 years ago, and the bike was actually a 'sport touring' bike with 27" x 1.25 tires. I wasn't thinking and I failed to cross a railroad track perpendicular to the rails. The front wheel went in, and I did an endo. Hurt like hell, but no damage.

The second time, a car made an illegal left in front of me while I was heading downhill at ~27 MPH. Hit the car just behind its right rear tire, flew over the trunk, ended up with a broken rib and a new bike.

Even if you kiss someone's rear wheel in a race, you should be able to recover. That's what handlebars are for.
Two reasons......Len J
Jun 20, 2001 9:21 AM
1.Riding in back of too long paceline in organized ride at 24+MPH, Someone drifts out in front to line, Paceline puller has to brake fast, entire Paceline accordians, I overlap wheel in front of me, he hits my wheel hard, I go over bars, slide for 100 ft or so. Asphalt intimacy.

2.Brain f**ts. Only other falls I have had are pure Brain F**ts. Stopping at a light , unclipping left foot, forgot to weight bike towards left fall right (always in front of many people) etc. Sometimes I just go brain dead.
add a few morecyclopathic
Jun 20, 2001 11:42 AM
3. wet oily patches on turn (A**hole, can you put stop leak in your oil or somethin'?)

4. wet metal bridges

5. patches of ice

6. staton island size putholes, hit in the dark

7. did I mention the glass? sure it's fun to flat on downhill
re: How do u guyz crash?Lardog
Jun 20, 2001 12:50 PM
*Takin it easy* on a ride. Meaning, sittin' up for a second, loosening grip on bars, not looking at the road and hittin' a bump. Hands fly off the bars, underarms take over steering, luckily there was no face bash into the computer, top tube is new seat, saddle bashing into lower back, both cleats are skiin' on the ground, all in attempt to stay up, which ultimately fails.....

Sore everything.
Tryin to B kewl lik a DH MTB studgrz mnky
Jun 20, 2001 5:34 PM
Sometimes the gravity bill is due immediately and must be paid in full.

Last crash: I was hit by a deer. Yes, it happened that way. The deer spooked, tried to bolt in front of me, then tried to jump and clear me, but landed on my back. Fortunately it was medium sized doe, but I still went unstable with 100 # on my back, smeared a guard rail and we all got ejected into the street. The doe got up and split - a real "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am." No lie. The wife and a friend saw the whole thing and really tried not to laugh.

Ultimately it's easier to crash on a MTB, and dirt still tastes better than pavement.
She ran off without even a "thank you?"look271
Jun 20, 2001 5:49 PM
Man, what a s*&t! :-)
Stupid guy on a BMX selling eggsPinoy Road Cyclist
Jun 20, 2001 10:15 PM
I usually ride at night (when vehicular traffic is low). One day, during the latter part of my ride (I usually ride at at a faster than normal pace near the end of a ride), this guy on a BMX ("Balut" vendors usually ply their trade at night, Balut is a delicacy here. It is an egg with an almost full grown chcik inside. You eat everything, including the head.) selling Balut comes out of some small street. He sees me coming at him at full speed...and freezes! So I swerve a bit to avoid him, but he moves his bike right in front of me (panicky fool)! Brakes aren't strong enough, wheels lock up, and I still keep on moving (maybe 6 or more feet). I hit him and we both fall off our bikes. I don't say a work and walk off (fork is misaligned). He comes over a few minute later (on his bike) and tells me I should pay for whatever damages I did to his BMX. WTF?
Philippinesgrz mnky
Jun 21, 2001 12:37 PM
Never could aquire the taste for balut. It always tasted like a cross between a rotten egg and mud, which is exactly what it is. Had one while drinking San Miguel out in the bario and damn near blew breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then there were the fried chicken feet.....