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shallow split in tire(15 posts)

shallow split in tireBecky
Jun 19, 2001 11:53 AM
I have a set of Axial Pros with about 500 miles on them. The rear tire has developed a very shallow (a few millimeters) split in the center of the tread. It doesn't even go the whole way through the tire. My gut instinct is not to ride until i get that tire replaced- is this necessary or can I safely ride that tire (at least until i can afford to replace it in a couple of weeks)?
re: shallow split in tiremike mcmahon
Jun 19, 2001 12:01 PM
I'm on my third set of APs. I have numerous cuts on my tires that sound similar to the cut you describe. As long at the cut doesn't penetrate far enough to create the danger of the tube poking through, I wouldn't worry about running out and buying a new tire. When I have a cut that causes me any concern, I'll usually dismount the tire and look at the casing to make sure the cut isn't creating a hazard. If I don't see any damage on the inside of the tire, I'll usually throw it back on and ride without giving it more thought. In my experience cuts of this type don't increase in size on their own, but you should keep an eye on it just to be sure it doesn't get bigger or deeper.
super gluealansutton
Jun 19, 2001 12:02 PM
It's safe to ride if the casing is not cut. I tend to get these 10 miles into a new set of tires! Here's how to fix it; remove the tire, pinch the tire to expose the cut. Drop a little super glue in the cut and bend the flat to close the cut. When the glue dries, your tire should be as good as new.

If the casing IS cut, you can still salvage the tire by reinforcing the inside of the case with a piece of denim of strong nylon fabric and super glue.
super gluemike mcmahon
Jun 19, 2001 12:10 PM
I remember reading recently (maybe here) that superglue turns hard like a small piece of glass and may actually increase damage to a tire. Have you had this problem?
super gluealansutton
Jun 19, 2001 12:29 PM
No I haven't had this happen to me. I've been doing this for maybe 14 years and haven't seen that happen. Maybe someone mistook a peice of glass for superglue?
Good point. (nm)mike mcmahon
Jun 19, 2001 12:53 PM
i used super glueishmael
Jun 20, 2001 10:03 AM
the tire was sliced all the way throught the casing and the glue ended up not lasting over 20 miles (another flat)...i have heard that shoe goo works well although i havent tried it yet but when i do ill write..i plan to put rim strip on the inside also..but if you havent even cut throught to the casing dont worry about it is what i think, or atleast dont throw it out..
Just a thought...Canidraftyou
Jun 20, 2001 12:42 PM
Years ago, I thought that I would fix my helmet pads with some super glue, thinking that I would be able to keep the pads from moving around on me. Guess what, No silly...the glue holds for just a short period. Super Glue is water based. So why risk putting something hard between the tire and tube. When its not going to hold. I would ride it like it is for "training rides only."

Peace out
re: shallow split in tireDINOSAUR
Jun 19, 2001 12:37 PM
I went through the same thing with a new Conti GP3000, 500 miles same as yours. I tried super glue, but I did not take my tires off my bike and try the method that Alan suggested. I ended up snagging my tire on something in the same exact location where I had the cut in the tire thread. I ended up ripping out about 3mm of tire casing and I had to trash the tire. You might think about reversing the direction of your tire, as well as the super glue method. If I had reversed my tire, the cut would not have snagged...
A suggestion for buying yourself some timeBrian C.
Jun 19, 2001 1:54 PM
There's a kind of tape that's used on rims to protect the inner tube from the spoke nuts. (Please excuse the imprecise terminology, but I hope you know what I mean.) Anyway, perhaps your LBS could give you a bit of this rim tape and you could use it to reinforce the split area from the inside of the tire. (That's if you have the time and patience to take the tire off and do this repair.)
I carry some of this tape in my repair kit just in case this kind of emergency comes up.
Alternatively, one thing I've happily learned about cycling compared with maintaining a car: Replacement parts are relatively cheap.
replace it!ColnagoFE
Jun 19, 2001 2:02 PM
Those tires are thin as it is...I think you are asking for trouble. Would you trust this on a steep descent?
replace it!DINOSAUR
Jun 19, 2001 5:02 PM
I can't remember a time when I was eying a cut in a my tire, and I was debating whether to trash it or try to squeeze a couple more miles out of it and I chose the latter, and the tire ended up in my garbage can a few days later. Sometimes our gut instinct is the best.
I agree, replace it!terry b
Jun 19, 2001 6:01 PM
had the same problem with the same tire this weekend. something punctured the tube (I ended up with a flat) but upon inspection, the punture through the casing was no worse than any typical flat. so I remounted and refilled it. problem was 110 psi made the slide spread quite wide even thought the casing looked fine.

I did the math - tire: $45, life or injury: probably somewhat more. I retired the tire.
I agree, replace it!aquafina
Jun 19, 2001 8:17 PM
i hate to do this to the LBS but you can get tires so much cheaper over seas. try

then you wont worry about putting a new tire on so much!
re: shallow split in tireDougal
Jun 20, 2001 3:00 AM
This is one of the things that I never put to the test. If that tire fails due to a split when it running 110psi or so, it could end up doing you a real damage. Even if the casing doesn't go, but the top layer does, its gonna be next to useless.

Something I try to do (being in a similar financial situation to you!) is to buy a pair of cheap tires to have as spares. That way you never have to take chances when you really want to go and ride.