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Calfee Carbon Lugs: Luna vs. Tetra(8 posts)

Calfee Carbon Lugs: Luna vs. TetraMeDotOrg
Jun 19, 2001 10:05 AM
I'm going for a bike fitting on Saturday. The Shop (Bike Odyssey in Sausalito) is also a Calfee Dealer, and I'm thinking about test-riding a Luna. Seems to be a good buy in the carbon world. My question: According to the Calfee website, the Luna is made with "gusseted carbon lugs". What is the practical RIDING difference (besides wieght) between this and the Luna? Is this why the Luna is only warrantied for 10 years and the Tetra has a 25 year warranty?

And finally, how do you Calfee owners like your bikes?
If you're still riding the same bikeColnagoFE
Jun 19, 2001 10:19 AM
10 years from now that should be enough for anyone. Most often people want a new bike for reasons other than that their old bike wore out.
If I'm still riding the same bike FIVE years from now...MeDotOrg
Jun 19, 2001 10:50 AM
...I'll be amazed, although I still have a 1983 Fuji touring bike. It's not so much a concern that the frame will hold up, as much as speculation as to why Calfee would warranty the Luna for 10 years vs. 25 for the Tetra. Is it a marketing ploy?
marketing ploy...yesColnagoFE
Jun 19, 2001 11:37 AM
That is the warranty will still be valid if you don't crash it or resell it in 25 years and Calfee is still in biz to warranty it. What happened to pre-Litespeed Merlin's "lifetime" warranty? Are they still honoring it?
re: Calfee Carbon Lugs: Luna vs. Tetragrz mnky
Jun 19, 2001 11:04 AM
The Calfee folks are very nice and will address all of your questions - better to get it straight from the horse's mouth IMO. Give them a call at (831)466-9041. Better yet, you could come down and pay them a visit and see exactly how the bikes are made here in Santa Cruz - it's not that far from Sausalito. I took a little tour last year and got to spend as much time as I wanted asking questions and checking things out. Don't know much about the Luna, but I've riden the Tetra Pro and ride with several guys that own them - they love them just fine. It's a nicer ride than my OCLV ever was.

BTW - you'll easily have this bike for more than five years - all of the guys that own them have had them for quite some time. Some of the bikes even say "Carbon Frames" - their previous name.
Thanks, grz mnkyMeDotOrg
Jun 19, 2001 11:35 AM
...Maybe I'll throw the Bianchi in the car and just make a day of cycling in Santa Cruz...Glad to hear Calfee holds up...
Thanks, grz mnkygrz mnky
Jun 19, 2001 11:40 AM
Lemme know if you want some ride info - anything from mild to wild is possible down here.
How do the Calfees compare with Kestrels?vram
Jun 19, 2001 11:27 PM
I read Calfee's tech paper and it basically criticized monocoque frame designs like Kestrels for using aluminum parts (dropouts, bottom bracket etc) instead of titanium leading to corrosion and uneven expansion. And also that molding technique used by Kestrel leaves voids and doesn't result in consistent production quality.

These claims are dificult to adjudicate considering my minimal knowledge of engineering. What I am intersted in is the ride quality between a Kestrel EMS and a Calfee Tetra. Anyone has any experience on this?